The Gift (Part-118)



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"Well, must be really important if you came here looking for her", Yasmin said.
"Something that should have been done now or never. I've taken too much time already. It's time I do things right once and for all. In sha Allah", he responded.
Yasmin was not sure what he was talking about. She wanted to think of it as a final happy ending for Imran and Syakirah. But she knew it could also be the opposite.
"I'm lost here but whatever it is, it must have to do with my friend's future I think", Yasmin spit out her guess.
Imran smiled at her as if approving what she had just said. "I need to talk to Syira alone for …may be half an hour tomorrow morning. So, I was hoping you could cover for her for that much time. May be after the start of tomorrow's first activity, In sha Allah", Imran asked from Yasmin.
"No problem, In sha Allah. But aren't you going to tell her yourself tonight about it?', Yasmin asked him.

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