The Gift (Part-120)



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They were all collecting the cups and glasses when suddenly there was a smashing noise. Yasmin turned to the direction of the noise as did Hidayat and three other students. They saw Imran and Syakirah were stooping down. Imran abruptly took her left hand. Their eyes met.
"Did you cut yourself?", Imran asked still holding her hand.
"I'm fine..", Syakirah answered pulling her hand away gently. They were looking into each other’s eyes. "Sorry, that was clumsy of me", Syakirah continued.
"Oh, it's okay…just glass. They shouldn't have used glass cups during camping", Imran responded. They both stood up. Yasmin approached them.

"Hidayat, go get a broom. That way no one gets the hand cut", Yasmin told Hidayat and turned to Syakirah, "We should have brought all plastic cups. Did you cut your hand, Syira?"
"No, I'm fine. Let's get this done", Syakirah answered feeling awkward all of a sudden.
"Are you sure?", Imran asked again looking concerned at Syakirah.
"Yes", she answered trying to avoid his look.
Hidayat came with a broom and swept the pieces. Yasmin, Syakirah and Imran continued clearing the cups and saucers from the table. When they finished, they said good night and went to their tents. Imran told Hidayat he missed sleeping in a tent with his little brother. It was a good excuse for Imran and Syakirah and not causing Hidayat to suspect anything about their marriage..

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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