Sayings of Rasullah (SM)



Jannat lies under the feet of your mother,
(Kanz-ul-Ummal, 461/16, Hadith No: 45439)
One who reads the kalimah with firm conviction, hell will become haram on him.
(Bukhari, Kitab-ui-Hm, Hadith No: 125)

The dust which settles on a man's body while he is in the path of Allah (SWT)
not only fire hut the smoke of Jahannum is haraam on those parts of
the body. (AI-Sunan-ul-Kubra, 10/3, Hadith No: 4318)  

I curse three types of people: Those who don't look after their parents
in old age, those who do not take full advantage of the month of
Ramadhaan, those who don't send Durood on me when my name is
spoken, (Mustadrak-e-Hakim. Kitab-ul-Birr, Hadith No: 7356)

An intelligent person is one who is always thinking and preparing for
death. (Tirmidhi, Al-Zuhud. Hadith No: 2383)  

Fear the prayer of the wronged, for, verily, there is no veil between him
and Allah (SWT) (Bukhari, Kitab-ul-Zakat Hadith No: 140)

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