The Grave Punishment and Blessings (Part-4)



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This is indicated by the Hadith of al-Bara' Ibn 'Azib (RA) who said: «We went out with the Prophet  (SM)  to attend the funeral of one of the Ansari men. When we reached the grave, and before the man was buried, the Messenger of Allah  (SWT)  sat down [facing the Qiblah] and we sat down around him. We were as silent and still as if there were birds % on our heads, and he had in his hand a stick with which he scratched up the earth. [He began to look up to the sky and down at the ground, and he raised and lowered his gaze three times]. He said: ˜Seek refuge with Allah (SWT) from the punishment of the grave. two or three times. Then he said: When the believing slave is reaching the end of his time in this world, and starting out in the Hereafter, angels with white faces which look like the sun come down to him from Heaven, bringing one of the shrouds of Paradise and some of its Hunuf. They sit down around him, as far as the eye can see. Then the Angel of Death comes and sits by his head, and says: «O good [or secure] soul, come out to the forgiveness and pleasure of Allah (SWT)».- The narrator said: So it will come out like a drop of water coming out of the mouth of a waterskin, and he [the Angel of Death] will take it. [In another report, he said: «Until when his soul comes out, every angel who is between the heaven and the earth will pray for him, as will every angel in heaven. The gates of heaven will be opened for him, and the people in every level of heaven will pray to Allah (SWT) to permit his soul to ascend through their domain».

«When (the Angel of Death) has taken the soul, the (other angels) don't leave it in his hand for a moment; they take it straightaway, wrap it in the shroud and scent it with the Hunut. This is what Allah (SWT) says: «...  When death approaches any of you, Our angels take his soul, and they never fail in their duty». [alA n 'am 6:61].

«And there emerges from the soul a scent like the finest musk to be found on the face of the earth. He said: They take the soul up, and whenever they take it past a group of angels, they say who is this good soul?, and they reply' It is so-and-so, the son of so- and-so' using the best names with which he was addressed in this world. (They go on) until they reach the first heaven; they ask for it to be opened, and it is opened for them. In each heaven, those who are closest to Allah (SWT) will accompany him to the next heaven, until they reach the seventh heaven, where Allah  (SWT), may He be exalted and glorified, will say: Register the book of My slave in Tlliyun 'And what will explain to you what Tlliyun is? (There is) a Register (fully) inscribed, to which bear witness those nearest (to Allah  (SWT). '[al-Mutaffifin 83:19-21]. So his book will be registered in Tlliyun. Then Allah (SWT)  will say: Take him back to the earth, for «This was my pro- mise»: I created them from it, I will return them to it, and I will resurrect them from it again.' He said: He will be taken back to the earth, and his soul will be returned to his body. [He said: And he will hear the footsteps of his companions as they leave him]. Two stern angels will come to him, [rebuke him] and sit him up. They will ask him, Who is your Lord?' He will answer:My Lord is Allah (SWT)'. They will ask him:

'What is your religion?' He will say: ˜My religion is Islam'. They will ask: Who is this man who was sent among you? He will say: ˜He is the Messenger of Allah (SWT) '. 'They will ask him: What did you do? He will say: I read (or recited) the Book of Allah (SWT), and I believed in it. He will rebuke him and ask: O Who is your Lord? What is your religion? Who is your Prophet?- This is the last of the trials to face the Believers, as Allah (SWT) , may He be glorified says: 'Allah  (SWT)  will establish in strength those who believe, with the word that stands firm in this world and in the Hereafter...» [Ibrahim 14:27]. He will say: ˜My Lord is allah (SWT), my religion is Islam and my Prophet is Muhammad (SM) '.

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The Grave Punishment and Blessings - Husayn al-Awayishah

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