The Grave Punishment and Blessings (Part-7)



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As for the Kafir, angels of wrath will come to him with sackcloth. They say: Come out to the wrath of Allah. So (the soul) comes out like the foulest stench of dead meat, and they take it to the gates of the earth»9.

32- The individual in the grave will be shown his place in Paradise or Hell continuously.

Allah (SWT) said:
«In front o f the Fire will they be brought morning and evening: and (the Sentence will be) on the Day that Judgement will be established: Cast the People of Pharaoh in to the severest Penalty!». [Ghafir 40:46].

«When any of you dies, he is shown his place morning and evening. If he is one of the people of Paradise' then he is one of them, and if he is one of the people of Hell, then he is one of them. He is told: 'This is your place until Allah (SWT) raises you on the Day of Resurrection')).

[al-Bukhari' Muslim]. 33- The animals can hear the voices of those who are being punished in their graves.

From Ibn Mas'ud (RA): The Prophet (SM) said: «The dead are being punished in their graves, and even the animals can hear their voices))10.

From Ibn 'Umar (RA): the Messenger of Allah (SM) said:

34- The grave is the first stage of the Hereafter From Hane'a the servant of Uthman Ibn AfTan (RA) said: Uthman (RA) used to cry until he wet his beard, if he was to stand on a grave, he was told:you mention the Heaven and the Hell-Fire and you don't cry' but when you mention the grave you burst in tears! He said: 1 heard the Prophet of Allah (SWT) saying: «The grave is the first stage of the Hereafter, whoever passes it will be at case afterwords, and if he does not pass it he will be in worst of condition)) I also heard him saying: «Never I saw a sight more horrifying than that of a grave».

35- The graves of those who fell into disobedience will be filled with darkness.

The Prophet (SM) said: «These graves are filled with darkness for their occupants. Allah enlightens them by my praying for them». [Muslim et al].

36-  The living are not able to hear the punishment of the grave.

The Prophet (SM) said: «This Ummah will be tried in its graves. If it were not for the fear that you might not bury your dead, I would pray to Allah to make you hear what I hear».

37- Food from the trees of Paradise before the Day of Judgement.

The Prophet (SM) said: «The soul of the believer is a bird eating from the trees of Paradise until Allah restores it to its body on the Day of Resurrection»n .


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The Grave Punishment and Blessings - Husayn al-Awayishah

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