The Gift (Part-121)



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"What exactly happened just now?", Yasmin asked Syakirah curiously as they were walking to their tent.
"What? You saw it", Syakirah answered.
"Well, you looked uncomfortable for a second just now".
"We picked up the same cup so I let go of it…well, we both let go of it and it fell".
"Then why did you look tense just now?", Yasmin asked again. She couldn't see Syakirah's expression clearly because it was a little dark. But she could tell her friend was trying to hide something.
"He held my hand to see if I was hurt", Syakirah replied while Yasmin smiled in the dark.
“It was a sudden response... a quick reaction. That bothered you, Syira?”, asked Yasmin still smiling in the dark.
“Well, I felt strange for a second…when he held my hand. I shouldn’t react that way. I hope Hidayat didn’t get suspicious”, explained Syakirah.
Yasmin said in a whisper, "He's your husband, Syira…nothing wrong there!" Syakirah didn't hear it.

Next morning Yasmin and Syakirah were still in their chalet when they heard a commotion not far from the chalet. Then there was a knock on the door. A student came informing them that there had been an accident at the beach. Two boys went swimming but were pushed into the deep water. They all ran to the beach. The college guard had saved one of the boys. They saw someone else swimming to reach the other student. The water was rising. The boy was led to a big rock nearby. The man pulled him up on some rocks with some difficulty. The rocks were slippery. By now they noticed the man was Imran. Suddenly there was a big splash and Imran fell into the water. They all watched anxiously. He didn't show up. Yasmin and Syakirah were panicked. The guard went into the water and grabbed Imran. He was unconscious. His head was bleeding. He must have hit a stone in the water."

"We've to bring him to the nearby clinic. He's bleeding a lot", said the guard.
"I'll drive", the guard offered.
Imran was brought to the car. As Syakirah was getting into the front sit, Yasmin whispered to her that Imran came to the camp to talk to her about something. Hidayat held Imran at the back of the car.
They reached the clinic in 15 minutes. Imran was looking pale. Hidayat held Imran with a worried look on his young face. Syakirah felt like crying but did not. She felt shocked and scared at the same time. The doctors took Imran into the room and tried to stop the bleeding. One of the doctors came out and informed them that an ambulance was on its way to bring Imran to the hospital.
Imran had been unconscious for 5 hours since he was brought to the hospital. The family was on their way to visit him. Syakirah was talking to Ani who had just arrived at the hospital. She happened to be in KL when Syakirah thought of calling to see if she was at the boutique.
"Hidayat’s with him now. I…I'm scared Aunt Ani. I don't want… to lose him…yet", Syakirah told the woman. Her eyes were glistened with tears.
Ani realized now that Syakirah seriously cared for Imran. She felt sorry for the young woman who had been like her daughter now, just like any of Saleha's children.
"Have strong faith in Allah Syira…Allah will see to it", was all she could say. Syakirah finally cried on the woman's shoulder. Ani held her.
“Unto Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He giveth life and He taketh it. Except for Him ye have no protector, nor helper” (At-Taubah: 116)

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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