The Gift (Part-122)



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Syakirah entered Imran’s room with Ani. Both were sad to see him lying on the bed. He looked like he was sleeping peacefully with the bandage around his head. The doctor said he was fine except the bleeding on his head. They would make further examination if he stayed the same after 24 hours. Ani said she would leave so that Syakirah could stay with Imran alone.
"Imran, it's me, Syira", she began and continued, "we're here… Hidayat and Aunt Ani. The others are coming soon, InshaAllah. Hanim too, InshaAllah". Iskandar said he would inform Hanim about Imran.
"You have to wake up though…I really need you to wake up", she said. A nurse came in to check on Imran. Syakirah left the room.
He left a message that he had gone to the college and would be back soon. Ani asked Syakirah to eat something. She had not eaten since that morning. Ani waited outside the room while Syakirah went to do her zuhur prayer.
There were only two women in the small praying room. She performed her obligation followed by hajat prayer. She cried softly as she was saying her du’a for Imran, her husband.
“Ya, Allah, forgive him if his time is here to meet you. Save him from complicaton if You allow him to live. I love him, ya Allah. Please save him and watch over us”, Shakirah paused and sobbed.
“I am one overcome; do thou then help” (Al-Qamar: 10).
When Syakirah came back Iskandar and Marina had arrived. They all sat around her and she explained what had happened. As she ended the explanation, Hidayat came back. The family took turn to see Imran. Hanim came two hours later with her husband. She hugged Syakirah before going in to see her brother.

Syakirah invited them to go to her house if they needed to change or rest. Then, she left with Hanim, Ani and Marina. They came back to the hospital after Maghrib. Imran was still unconscious. Iskandar and Marina decided to check-in at the nearby hotel. Hanim and her husband followed them. Ani went with Hidayat to get something to drink. Syakirah insisted on staying with Imran instead.

"Assalamualaikum, Imran. It's me again. I wish I could do something to help you wake up. But I could only pray for you", Syakirah said in a sad voice trying to calm herself of the heaviness in her heart. She had to put strong faith in Allah.
“O ye who believe! Seek help with patient, perseverence and prayer for Allah is those who patiently persevere” (2:153)

She watched him. He still looked like the last time she saw him, sleeping peacefully. She moved her hand to touch his. They were legally married and that would be Islamically permissible. She brushed it softly hoping that he could feel it and would wake up. Nothing changed. She left.
It was almost Fajr when Syakirah woke up from her sleep. She checked on Imran but he looked the same. The doctor would come for further examination later if he still didn't wake up. She went outside and saw Iskandar, Hidayat and Hanim’s husband sleeping. The wives stayed at the hotel with Ani. Syakirah remembered her parents would be there soon. So, she woke the men up and told them she had to leave. She went home to get ready to pick them at the airport.
Umar arrived at 9.30 after taking the first morning flight. Iskandar had called him about the accident before the family left for KL. Umar could not come sooner. After meeting with Imran’s family, he went in to see Imran. Umar was asked not to stay long because the doctor was coming to do further examination on Imran since 24 hours had passed by.
Umar was about to leave when he heard Imran calling Syakirah's name. Umar approached him and he finally opened his eyes. He told Imran about the accident and what he witnessed just a moment before.
"I know you're in no condition to discuss about this, but I just want to let you know that what you feel for her is real. You love her, Imran". Umar did not know that Imran was at the camp to see Syakirah to tell her that he had finally decided to make the marriage work. Umar had just reaffirmed Imran’s feeling for Syakirah.

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