The Gift (Part-123)



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Syakirah returned to the hospital with her parents at 11 a.m. She saw the whole family and Ani gather outside Imran's room. She had thought for the worst until, Hanim saw her. Her sister-in-law smiled at her and broke the good news. Syakirah felt relief. They hugged. Her parents were happy for her. They were touched to see Syakirah really cared for the man who was their son-in-law only on paper.
Syakirah went in to see Imran with her parents. He was sleeping again. They stayed for a while and left. Everyone left to get some air. Her parents followed Hanim and her husband to Syakirah's house. Syakirah excused herself to make a inform Yasmin of the good news. Umar and Ani watched how much Syira actually cared for Imran. Umar told Ani what he saw in Imran's room earlier. Ani agreed that these two people actually loved each other.
"He really loves his wife…and I mean his present wife", Umar said.  
"Yes. It was hard enough for Imran to accept another woman. Now that he has, I'm happy for him. Alhamdulillah. His mother would be happy too", Ani added.
"It took him so long to finally come to his senses, but in the end Allah made it happen", continued Umar.
"Yes. Alhamdulillah".
“And He hath put affection between their hearts; not if thouhadst spent all that is in the earth could thou have produced that affection but Allah hath done it; for He is Exalted in might Wise” (8: 63)

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