The Grave Punishment and Blessings (Part-11)



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"So we went on' and came to an ugly man' with the most repulsive appearance you have ever seen. Beside him was a fire' and he was kindling it and running around it. I asked: 'Who is this?' (My two companions) said to me: 'Go on' go on!'.

So we went on, and came to a garden of deep green dense vegetation, with all sorts of spring colours. In the midst of the garden there was a very tall man' so tall that I could hardly see his head. Around this man were more children than I had ever seen. I asked: 'Who is this? Who are they?' My two companions said: 'Go on, go on!'.

"So we went on until we came to a huge garden, big- ger and more magnificent than any I have ever seen. My two compaions told me: Go up into it' so we went up into it' to a city built of gold and silver bricks. We came to the gate of the city' asked for it to be opened' and we were admitted. There we met men with one half of their bodies as handsome as any you have ever seen' and the other half as ugly. My two companions told them: 'Go and throw yourselves into that river'- there was a river flowing through the city' with water as white as milk. They went and did as they were ordered, and came back with all trace of ugliness removed, in the best form.

"My two companions told me: This is the Paradise of 'Adan (Jannah 'Adan-Graden of Eden)' and that is your place'- and I looked up and saw a palace like white clouds! My two companions said to me: 'That is your place'. I said to them: 'May Allah  (SWT) bless you both! Let me enter it. They said: 'Now (is not the time) for you to enter it'. I said: 'I have seen many wonders tonight. What is (the meaning of) all that I have seen?' They said: 'We will inform you: The first man whom you saw having his head smashed with a rock' is the man who studies the Qur'an but neither recites nor acts upon it' and who sleeps and neglects the prescribed prayers. The man you saw having his face torn from his mouth' nose and eyes' front to back' is the man who goes out of his house in the morning and tells so many lies that it spreads all over the world. The naked men and women who were in something like a Tannurz.itthe adulterers and adulteresses' and the man whom you saw swimming in the river and having stones thrown in his mouth was one who used to consume Riba(usury). The ugly- looking man you saw kindling the fire and walking around it is Malik' the gatekeeper of Hell. The tall man in the garden is Ibrahim' and the children around him are all the children who died in a state of fitrah[i.e. the natural- born state of mankind].

- Some of the Muslims asked: "O Messenger of Allah (SWT) ! What about the children of the Mushrikin [pagans]?" The Messenger of Allah (SWT)  said: "The children of Mushrikin (are there) too. And the people who appeared half handsome and half ugly were those who had mixed a good deed with a bad deed, but Allah  (SWT)  forgave them".

In another report: "Tonight J saw (in a dream) two men who came to me and took me to a holy land. Then he mentioned it and said: We went on and came to a hole like a Tannur.Its upper part was narrow and its lower part was wide. The bottom of it was filled with fire. When the fire flared up' it lifted up the people inside' so that they nearly came out of the top' and when the fire died down' they went back inside. In this hole were naked men and women. We went on until we came to a river of blood- a man was standing in the middle of this river' and on the bank there was a man who had some stones in front of him. The man in the river would approach him' but when he tried to climb out' the man on the bank put a stone in his mouth' and pushed him back. Everv time the man in the river tried to come out' the one on the bank threw a stone in his mouth and sent him back... They brought me to a tree and took me into a house more beautiful than any I have ever seen' in which there were old men and young men..The one whom I saw with his mouth being torn' was the liar who spoke lies which spread from him until it reached the horizon; they will continue doing this to him until the Day of Resurrection... The one whom I saw with his head being smashed is the one whom Allah  (SWT) taught the Qur'an' but he slept (and failed to recite it) at night' and failed to act upon it during the day; they will continue doing this to him until the Day of Resurrection. The first house which I entered is a house for all the believers' and the (second) house is the house of the martyrs.. T am Ji- bril and this is Mika'il. Look up!' So I looked up and above me I saw something like clouds. They said: ˜That is your place'. I asked: Let me enter my place'. They said: There is still some time for you to complete; when you have completed it you will come to your place'."1.

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The Grave Punishment and Blessings - Husayn al-Awayishah

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