Blessings of Salah



Akhtar spurted a thick beard and always wore shalwar kameez. He ran a shop in the chemical and paint marker. He was the only shopkeeper who would close his shop for salah. All the other shopkeepers used to make fun of him, they thought he lost many customers by closing the shop and going for salah.

One day, a very rich man parked his car in front of Akhtar’s shop. He introduced himself, "My name Is Mubeen Shiekh, and I am the owner of a large construction company- I need to buy chemicals and paints for 3 million rupees." Akhtar was very pleased to know that he will have the biggest sale of his life.

He replied, "Mubeen Sahib, I will he pleased to finalize the deal with you. But as you can hear the Zuhr Azaan being called out, we can talk the details after Salah." Mubeen Shiekh was surprised and angry. He was in a burn and said, "Mrl I cannot wait for you to return hack from your Salah. If you can make the deal now then well and good. Otherwise there arc many other shops who would accept my deal."

"As you wish, hut I cannot miss my salah. and spoil my Hereafter for this mortal world," Akhtar said as he dropped the shutter and went away to the nearby masjid.

After Salah Akhtar prayed, "O Allah, will get only what You have allotted for me. The 3 million's deal could have boosted my financial condition but I prefer to come and stand in front of You instead of making You angry by running after this world. I ask for Your mercy and forgiveness because it is only You who gave me the guidance to come to You, rejecting the glitters and wealth of this mortal world." With this Akhtar went back to his shop only to find Mubeen Shiekh standing there waiting for him.
Mhifaeen said, "I am sorry. At first I was angry at your attitude. But then I realised that I was being very rude. I surveyed the whole market but I only found yon reliable."

At the end of the day Akhtar was rewarded by Allah Ta'ala for remembering Him regularly five times a day not only through the 3 million rupees deal but also by making him a source of inspiration for Mubeen Shiekh who then became a regularly praying man.

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