The Grave Punishment and Blessings (Part-18)



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 The Prophet (SM) said: "There is no-one who died on the day or night of Friday, but Allah (SWT)  , may He be exalted, protected him from the Fitnah of the grave"5.

 * Do you pray Fajr in the mosque every day, in congregation?
 * Do you observe every prayer in the mosque in congregation?
 * Have you read any part of the Book of Allah to day?
 * After every prayer, do you recite Dhikrand Wirdi

 * Do you observe the regular Sunnah prayers before and after the Fard prayers?
 * Did you concentrate on your prayer today and really think about the words you were saying?
 * Did you remember death and the grave? * Did you remember the Last Day and its terrors?

 * Did you ask Allah (SWT) three times to admit you to Paradise? For whoever asks Allah (SWT) to admit him to Paradise, Paradise says: "O Allah (SWT)  , admit him to Paradise!))1

 * Have you asked Allah (SWT) three times to protect you from the punishment of Hell? Whoever does that, Hell says: "0 Allah (SWT)  , protect him from Hell!" .

 * Have you read anything from the Hadith of the Prophet (SM)?
 * Have you thought of distancing yourself from bad gatherings?
 * Have you tried to avoid laughing and joking excessively?

 * Have you wept today for fear of Allah (SWT)? * Have you recited the Dhikrfor morning and evening?

 * Have you asked Allah (SWT) for forgiveness for your sins today?

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