The Gift (Part-124)



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"And among His signs is this that He created for you mates among yourselves that ye may dwell in tranquility with them and He has put love and Mercy between your (hearts); verily in that are signs for those who reflects" (Al-Rum: 21)

Syakirah was about to leave when Imran woke up and saw her leaving. "Please stay", he weakly told her. Syakirah was surprised and turned around to look at him. She walked to his bed. Imran looked into her eyes. He sawtears in them. Slowly Syakirah sat on the chair. Then she bent her head not wanting Imran to see the tears welling up in her own eyes.

"I have something to tell you", began Imran. "Yes...", Syakirah finally said. "I dreamed that …I was going to die. I saw my parents and Kaira but they didn't want me with them. And I cried. I begged them to let me be with them. My mother took my hand and smiled at me. She made me turn around. Then I saw you there. You were smiling at me...holding out your hand. D'you know… the whole time I was lying here...I heard everything you said to me. I wanted to talk back but I couldn't move a muscle."

"I was so afraid. I almos..lost you", Syakirah said and a tear fell. "Now you know. I'm still here. Alhamdulillah.. You know what I want to do when I'm out of here?", Imran asked Syakirah.

Smiling and laughing a little with teary eyes, "Take a long camping vacation?", Syakirah replied jokingly. She was laughing lightly with tears on her face. Staring into her eyes seriously, Imran said, "I want to marry you. Marry me again' Syira". Syakirah just looked at him. The smiling expression on her face slowly changed into a little shock and disbelief. She was speechless. Tears started to stream on her cheeks. This was the man she had been married to and he was finally asking her to marry him. And he meant it this time.

"What?" was all that Syakirah could say. "I would get down on my knees but I'm taking doctor's lie in bed...I'm a patient, remember?", Imran smiled at her.

"'re asking me to marry you?", Syakirah gave out a small laugh in her cry. "I mean it. I love you Syakirah  and I want you to be my wife...I know that we're already married but..", Imran stopped as they both remembered Ani's plan.

"Ever since the first time I met you, I had this feeling that our lives would some how be entwined forever. But I kept fighting it because I didn't understand why. Then when your mother told me her wish.. I thought I would fulfill it only for her sake. But I knew you would never ask me to marry you. You would agree only because of your mother".

"I was afraid to love you. I was so afraid that I might lose someone I love ....again. I love you...Syira. Will you marry me?". Imran smiled and Syakirah laughed nervously with more tears streaming down her face.

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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