Sayeduna Muhammad (SM) (Part-30)



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The Qur’an and the Hijrat to Madinah
We already mentioned that the incident of Mee’raaj was like an introducing to the Hijrat. The wonderful happenings of the Mee'raaj was an indication to the fact that henceforth the Tableeghi life of Rasulullah (SM) was taking on a new direction which was going to be more successful. Therefore it was necessary that he be made acquainted with the two Qiblah and with the secret of the higher regions of the Universe so that when the Makkan life was going to be exchanged for the Madinite life, the qualities of prophethood (SM) nd messengership will have reach great heights so that finally he would be able to reach that stage where he would be able to utter:  

"Today I have perfected for you religion, and have fulfilled my favour upon you and I am pleased to you Islam as a Deen"  
Hence Surah Israa from the beginning till the end is connected with the Hijrat thus in the first verse there is mention of the Israa. Then follows some principles pertaining to Hidaayat, then in between are discussion on pervious nations and their prophets (SM) and guides with their missionary incidents, then there follows some thoughts on Mee'raaj which is followed by the Du’a:  

"Rabbi adkhilnee mud khala sidqin Wa akhrijnee mukhraja sid-qin"

"Lord let my entrance be by the gate of truth and like wise my exit by the gate of truth."

This is the Du'a on leavning Makkah and on entry to Madinah. This is a reference to the Hijrat which continues till the end of the Surah .  

In this way Hazrat Ibn Abbaas and Qatada have both connected the following two verses with the Hijrat :

"The purpose was to scare you off the land in order to expel you But in that case they would not have stayed therein after you. Except for a little while." (17:76)

This is a grave warning to the unbelievers that when your injustices had caused the Nabi to flee towards Madinah your social life was also near to destruction. That means Hijrat was the beginning of success for Islam and for the enemies of Islam it was their death.

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