The Gift (Part-126)



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"Allah (SWT)  made me finally search for the truth about my feeling", Imran continued. Syakirah smiled at him. "Is this real?", she asked.

"Yes it is. I never thought this would happen. Now I'm grateful to Allah  (SWT)   for showing me the way to you", Imran paused and looked seriously at Syakirah. Then he got down his knees. "What?", asked Syakirah nervously happy. "Would my wife?", asked Imran with honesty written on his face. He looked like a little innocent boy. His voice was deep and it touched Syakirah to her heart. Syakirah's eyes were teary as she smiled. "I can't believe you're asking me this again. We're already married and I'm about to marry you again tomorrow, In shaAllah (SWT)  ". "I just want to make sure", Imran said toSyakirah still intently looking at her. "Yes, In sha Allah (SWT)   ayes, you know I'd beyou wife". They both smiled happily.

The wedding went smoothly at the mosque in KL. Only people who were at the hospital to visit Imran were there “ his brothers, sister, in-laws, Ani, Syakiraha's parents and Yasmin with her husband. To their relatives they had been married since the day Saleha died. This was a personal ocassion to reaffirm their marriage.

Everyone was touched to see them finally "married" - with their hearts and minds, not just on a piece of certificate. Saleha would be the happiest thought Ani. Not only did Imran have someone to look after him, but he had eventually moved on with his life with the memory ofKaira behind. He did not have to live the memory but keep it to live his life.

After the 'akad, Yasmin caught the exchanged look between the newlyweds. She felt so grateful to Allah (SWT)  that Syakirah could again trust a man enough to love and marry him. A new chapter had just begun and Yasmin prayed the couplea's life would be filled with happy moments. The two families gathered at Syakirah's house after the wedding. Syakirah's parents were staying at their daughter's place since they were leaving the next day. Syakirah and Imran would be staying at the hotel Imran had stayed before the wedding ceremony at the mosque. The others wanted to leave later that afternoon. It was their plan to leave the two marriedpeople together. They said both of them had wasted enough of their time already!

After sending off people at the airport, Imran took his wife to the hotel he had been staying for the last 24 hours. They checked in a new room. When they got to the room, it was almost Maghrib. Imran made a quick call while Syakirah prepared for prayer.

She waited for him to enter the room to do their Maghrib prayer together. After the prayer, she kissed his hand. They looked at each other lovingly.

"I've a surprise for you! Be ready but stay in here. Come out only when I knock! I'll be right back, In sha Allah (SWT)  ", Imran said and left Syakirah still in her praying clothes in their bedroom. She was perplexed but anxiously prepared herself for the surprise.

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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