The Gift (Part-127)



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At about 8 p.m., Imran knocked on the bedroom door. Syakirah came out. She wore her blue long dress and Imran in her casual attire. He was awed to see his wife for the first time without her hijab.

Syakirah was smiling at him and was delighted to see what was infront of them. The room was filled with flowers and there was a special dinner waiting for them!

The last few months were blissful for Imran and Syakirah. Though they were apart because of their careers they talked to each other every night by telephone. Syakirah had voiced her thought to move to JB for good but Imran asked her to consider it thoroughly because he knew she loved teaching at the college. "Imran, I feel like we're a couple of school kids in love. You know...hanging on the phone. I never thought I would go through this again".

"Oh, who was that first guy...who had captured my wife's heart first before me?"

" I detect some jealousy here?" "Well... the thought that someone loved you and you loving him back...even though it was in the past...?"

Syakirah laughed. "Well, he was someone from school, my senior. I had a big crush on him and we became friends until I went to college. Anyway it didn't work out. I was too young, so I was devastated until...". Imran interruptedher, "...until Manaf".

"Yeah...well, that's all in the past. I want to concentrate on the present and future, In sha Allah." Syakirah had told him about Manaf a few days before when Imran was telling her more about Kaira. "Now that you mentioned it, are you still coming to JB for the seminar next week?", asked Imran. "Well, yes. I wouldn't want to miss it. I've been looking forward to attending that seminar for months. As soon as I'm done with marking the final papers...".

"Really? I thought it was because you miss me and want to see your husband... but if the seminar is more important, then...fine with me...", Imran said in a slow voice pretending to be hurt. In a flirting voice, "Oh, honey...I'm sorry...of course I miss you. I miss you so much but you know how important that seminar is for me".

"I know...and I miss you too", Imran responded. After the call, Imran sat in the study room and the thought visited him again. Living apart meant a lot of commute from KL to JB. This scared him. The tragedy with Kaira had been hauting him more and more. He prayed to Allah to get passed this. "I put my trust in Allah", he calmed himself.

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