The Gift (Part-128)



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A week later, Syakirah and two other English lecturers left for the seminar in JB. She called Imran the morning before they started the trip. Imran had toldher to take the flight but she insisted on taking the college's transport. He was worried for her safety because it had been raining for the past couple of days. He had to stop himself many times from thinking about whathad happened to Kaira. He kept telling himself that it wouldn't happen again...not this time.

Imran bought her a cell phone a week before so thatshe could call him through out the journey. Syakirah did not like the idea of calling him during the journey but Imran insisted. He was so serious and Syakirah did not have the heart to refuse.

Syakirah called him when the group stopped for lunch. Imran was anxiously waiting for the call when he heard the phone rang. "Hello. Honey, it's me". "Alhamdulillah you called. Ten more seconds thenI would be the one calling you. So, where are you guys now?".

"We're in Seremban taking a short break for lunch. We can't go faster because it's still raining. I'm glad we have a good and very careful driver. Insha Allah (SWT)  , we will get there before 5 p.m.". "In sha Allah (SWT)  , I'll be in my office until 6 p.m. Call me once you get here, In sha Allah". "I will, In sha Allah (SWT) .... and honey, try not to worry.Everything will be fine, In sha Allah (SWT) . I can't wait to see you".

"Me too but I cannot not worry. Just be careful, In sha Allah (SWT) .Tell that to the driver. He's driving my wife".

Syakirah laughed and kept reassuring Imran not to worry. After the call, Imran tried to continue with his work but he just could not concentrate. He called Umar to stop by his office after work and Umar agreed. At 2 p.m. the representatives from Johan & Company arrived for an appointment. The business discussion took away his worry. While they were discussing, the phone on his table rang. It was almost 4 p.m. He calmed himself telling that it must be Syakirah. But, he remembered again, it could not be her, because he had told her to call his cell phone. He picked up the phone and his heart stopped when his secretary said it was a call from the police. "Hello".

"Hello, is this Mr. Imran Hakim Mohd. Kamal?", a male voice on the other end of the line asked. "Yes".

"Mr Imran, I'm sorry. I'm afraid we have bad newsfor you. There has been an accident. We need you to come to the hospital...". The rest of the things said had been kind of blurry to Imran. He put down the phone and fell to his chair. The two representatives watched him and asked what was wrong. Imran could not speak. One of them went to the secretary and later they left. The secretary came into Imran's office.

"I'm sorry about your wife. Do you want meto call Mr. Iskandar?", the secretary looked sympathetically at Imran. Imran nodded and still stared atthe telephone. Right then Umar entered his office. The secretary told him what had happened. Umar looked at Imran whose face was in horror. "Umar it's happening all over again. What am I going to do now? I can’t lose her Umar...not again", Imran broke down. Umar came to his side and squeezedhis shoulder. Tears started to stream down Imran's face. Umar felt so sad for his best friend.

"Imran, remember Allah (SWT)   and have strong faith that He will see to it. You've got to be brave. We'll go to the hospital and see first. I'm sure everything is going to be fine as soon as we get there, In sha Allah (SWT) .Just pray to Allah (SWT) , pal".

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