Khalid's Evening of Surprises



The end of day was feat approaching, Khalid was very anxious to get home before it was too late. He was standing in the bus, which was stuffed with other workers just like a greedy kid sniffs his mouth with chocolates,

Khalid was worried not because it was his first day at work, and the very first job was fat from home in the industrial area. He was excited to work at the huge washing machine factory because he hadn't seen a factory from the inside. Life was quite tough for him. since his father had mysteriously disappeared and he had to leave school to earn money. For one month his mother spent the money she had saved for him, hut now there was no more money. Khalid was lucky in the sense that he got employment in the first place where he had applied for a job, It was easy for his age; a 12-year-old kid can easily tighten screws, The daily wage was good too. He was getting Rs. 120 per day for working from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening. The problem was that if he didn't get the money home quickly, his mother wouldn't he able to buy anything for cooking, and he wouldn't have anything to eat, After working for the whole day he was feeling extremely hungry.

Finally the bus stopped near his home and he got down. He walked home thinking that Allah Ta’ala had helped him in such a difficult situation, and his father would have been very proud of him for earning such a good salary, He planned to buy something to cook for the next day also, so he wouldn't have to worry about rushing home. He put his hands in his pocket to buy some potatoes, onions and bread, but he couldn't find the money! He had been robbed of his hard earned money.

We must abstain from robbing because as we can see even a small thing can mean the whole world to someone.

He was depressed to lose his hard earned money and the very thought o! starving the following night was intolerable. The thought of his mother depressed him even more. He lifted his hands and prayed, "O my Lord! I am weak. You are All-mighty. Please help mc our of this situation; I am worried that my mother wouldn't he able to take this, she is already ill. O Allah, please arrange for some food, and please make Ammi well again. Also do keep my Abbu fine wherever he is."

He stopped in front of his house only to find all his neighbours present. He got nervous because his mother wasn't reeling well in the morning. Oh God' II shouldn't he something worse Khalid was shocked to see his mother standing besides his father! He forgot all the miseries he had to face for the past one month. Actually his father had lost his way by boarding a wrong bus. He had caught the bus going to another city instead of hoarding the bus back home and fell asleep and was robbed, But now he was back and Khalid could study again and he thanked Allah Ta'ala.

Allah (SWT) tests His servants but also rewards them handsomely.

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