The Gift (Part-129)



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Umar walked Imran out of his office. They met Iskandar who looked sad. He hugged his brother. "Imran, I'm so sorry...".

Iskandar asked Umar to drive to the hospital. He would take care of other things. On the way to the hospital, Imran was silent, as if still in shock. Umar was worried and kept reassuring Imran that Syakirah would make it through.

Fifteen minutes later they entered the emergency room and saw two police officers there. "I'm Imran called me about an accident...Syakirah Sulaiman? Where is she? Is she...", Imran was interrupted by the officer.

"Calm down Mr. Imran. She's in the trauma 1 room. The doctors are working on her. It seems that she suffered head injury and some cuts on her arms and legs." "How...when did this happen?"

"From what we've learned, it took place around 3 p.m. Just 5 km from JB. It was raining hard. A van skidded and went out of control. It collided with their Pajero. Luckily we found your business card in her purse. One of her friends told us that you'reher husband". Imran closed his eyes and ran his hand through his hair. The police officer asked for his signature for confirmation.

When the police left, Imran and Umar went to sit on the chairs outside Syakirahas room. His head bent and his hands on his head. His eyes were welled up with tears. All he could hear was the officer's words "...she suffered head injury..."and he began to flashback the accident he and Kaira were involved in. The painful memory came rushing to his mind. He was in his own world now. He didn't hear Umar talking to him. He felt numbed. Then he heard the door of trauma 1 room opened. Hegot up and approached the doctor.

"Doctor, is she going to make it?"

"And you are...?" "I'm her husband."

"We really cannot say much yet. We've done whatwe could but she needs an operation.

 She had a concussion and an internal bleeding. We can do the operation as soon as we get your consent".

 "Yes, I'll sign the paperworka help her, doctor".
 "We'll do our best, Mr. Imran. The rest is inAllah's hands.

 We have to pray to Him".
 "Can I see her?"

 "Just for a few minutes. We've to get her ready for the operation".

 Umar watched as Imran followed the doctor into the trauma 1 room.  "Be quick, Sir", a nurse told Imran as he approached Syakirah.

"Sweetheart, you have to be strong and fight this. Remember your promise to love me for the rest of our lives, In sha Allah (SWT) . I don't want you to break your promise. I love you". He held Syakirah's hand and flashed back to the time he proposed toSyakirah when he was in the hospital. She promised to love him for the rest of their lives.

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