The Gift (Part-132)



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Still holding his wife's hand, Imran whispered, "Syira, remember I said I was going to meet you when you get here? Here I am like I promised".

He sat there watching her. Then as he felt he could not bear looking at her like that he left the room. He saw Iskandar and told him he needed to go out for a while. He asked his brother to call his cell phone as soon as Syakirah woke up. He went to his car and sat inthere. It was all coming back to him...the day he lost Kaira.

"Kaira...?", he had asked for Kaira as soon as hewas conscious. The nurse called Umar who had been waiting for 6 hours outside Imran's room. He had been unconscious when the ambulance brought him in.

Imran saw Umar entering his room and asked, "Umar?" Umar was silent. His face was sad as he watched his friend lying on the bed. His head, right arm and left leg were bandaged. He had bruises on his face and on the other arm. Above all, Umar looked relief that his friend survived the accident.

"Umar, Kaira...?", Imran asked again in a weak voice. He searched for an answer from his friend's face. "You're going to be okay, Imran". "Where am I?" "You're at the hospital. You remember you were in an accident?" Imran nodded slightly. "Where's Kaira?"

"She's okay. You need to get better, Imran.

I'll see what I can find out about Kaira". Imran remembered he fell asleep after that.

The next time he woke up, Ita and Izwan were sitting beside his bed. He saw Ita crying.

"Kaira...?", Imran asked Izwan.

"They tried their best Imran..." " Kaira..

", he was crying now.

"I'm so sorry, Imran. They really tried but....". Before Ita could finish, Imran was screaming Kaira's name. Then a doctor and a nurse came in. He was given a shot to calm him down. The next day Umar came with Izwan. He was toldthat Tamrin died on the spot and Farah died on the way to the hospital. Kaira died in the ICU after the operation. Imran was the only one survived. Their car was hit by a lorry. As he listened to this news hewas sobbing, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Kaira...". He felt badly responsible and blamed himself for the accident.

Imran placed his hands on the steering of the car and bent his head down. He was sobbing. The memory, which he had kept away for so long, resurfaced.

An hour later he stepped out of the elevator. He saw Iskandar talking to Syakirah's father who was obviously looking sad. He approached his father-in-law and asked when the old man had arrived.

Syakirah's father answered, "About half an hour ago, son. How're you holding up?" "Not so good. Have you seen her, Dad?".

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