The Gift (Part-133)



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"Your mother's with her right now. I went in for a while. They only allow one person at a time. She looked...", Syakirah's father choked up and could not continued. Imran grasped his arm and nodded as he understood the old man's feeling. Then, Syakirah's stepmother came out of the ICU room. She was crying softly and went to sit next to her husband.

"Mom", Imran called softly. "Imran, she looked so pale and weak. I...I can't bear seeing her like that", Syakirah's stepmother said and buried her face on her husband's shoulder. "Imran, you go ahead and see her", Syakirah's father told him.

Imran nodded. "Iskandar, why don't you take them home. It's past midnight. You two must be tired. You could use some rest yourself, Iskandar". Imran wentinto Syakirah's room as the three people left.

"Assalamualaikum, honey. It's me again". He sat there holding her hand. Just then a nurse came in to check. Imran said, "She hasn't moved".

"I'm going to check her up. Would you...". Reluctantly Imran let himself out of Syakirah's room. He sat outside her room with his head down. He stared atthe floor. A few minutes later, he heard footsteps and looked up. He saw Hanim. She rushed to her brother and they held each other. Both had tears in their eyes.

"I'm so sorry Imran. I couldn't believe when I heard. I tried to come as soon as I can. I took a flight from Penang to KL but had to take a taxi to get to JB. How're you holding up?"

"Not good I guess. Thank you for coming, Alhamdulillah. I could use some company right now. Hidayat would be here tomorrow, In sha Allah (SWT). He's taking a flight with Yasmin". "Hidayat must be worried sick. Iskandar told me Hidayat was taking a test when he called Yasmin". "Yes", Imran said nodding.

"Imran, she'll be fine, In sha Allah (SWT). She will pull through this, In sha Allah (SWT)..." "I'm praying for that, Hanim. I can't lose her...I won't, In sha Allah (SWT)". Hanim could see the pain in her brother's eyes as he was saying this. She knew how much this whole thing brought back the tragic memory with Kaira. Hanim was very young then but she remembered it. His brother had lost Kaira forever.

"I know, Abang Imran", Hanim said and held her brother. The nurse came out and Imran motioned Hanim to see Syakirah.

Hanim walked into the room

"Kak Syira, you have to fight this. We all love you and don't want to lose you. Abang Imran is hurting so much right now. If only you knew. You must wake up and see him. He can't lose you like he lost Kak Kaira". Hanim wiped the tears on her face as she was saying this to the motionless Syakirah. She could not imagine how her brother would cope with losing another wife. Imran had just regained his confidence to believe that he could love again after Kaira. She heldSyakirah's hand. "This is a test from Allah  (SWT) for my brother…I really hope you could hear me, Sis". Hanim stayed for a while praying to Allah (SWT) to save her sisterin-law. She decided to accompany Imran for a while before heading home to get some rest and meet Syakirah's parents.

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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