The Gift (Part-134)



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After Hanim had left, Imran went into Syakirah's room for a while. Then, he fell asleep on the couch outside Syakirah's room. He woke up at 4 a.m when he heard some noise. He saw the nurse rushing into Syakirah's room. He got panicked and went to ask the nurse at the nurse's station. He was told that her vital sign was flattening but she was fine now. Imran went into sit with Syakirah until almost Fajr time. He heard someone at the door. It was a nurse. He decided to leave for Fajr prayer at the mosque nearby.

Imran reached home as Syakirah's parents were aboutto leave for hospital with Hanim. Later Imran called his office and talked to Iskandar. Umar had called him too asking about Syakirah. After breakfast he left for the hospital again. He saw Hanim alone. She told him Syakirah's parents went to the canteen. She said nothing had changed with Syakirah. Imran looked worried. It was 10 a.m. and it had been 13 hours since the operation. As they were talking, they sawYasmin and Hidayat coming.Hanim smiled sadly to Yasmin as their eyes met. Yasmin went into Syakirah's room as Hanim walked to her younger brother who was holding Imran.

"How is she Kak Hanim?", Hidayat asked his sister. Hanim led him to the chair and explained to him what she knew.

Yasmin was in tears when she approached Syakirah. She stood very close and watched Syakirah's face. She pushed aside a few strands of hair on her forehead. Then she sat down and held Syakirah’s hand. "Hey, best friend. Assalamualaikum. You have towake up okay. We still haven't finished our talk about the English Workbook we want to write together. Don't disappoint me, Syira. I mean joke about that...", Yasmin choked with tears. "You're the best friend I've ever had...well other that my Nik. And I don't want to lose you yet. With whom am I going to complain about those students? ...and with whom am I going to trade the language lab with?". Yasmin squeezed Syakirah's hand. "Syira, your parents, brothers and sisters need you. And Imran needs you. I'm sure heis sick worrying about you. Please, wake up. Ya, Allah...make her wake up a¦". Yasmin said a prayer for Syakirah. Then, she wiped her tears and got up to leave. She placed a scarf near the bed on Syakirah's head to cover her hair. She went out to see Hanim and Hidayat. Hidayat got up and Yasminnodded telling him to see Syakirah.

Hidayat entered Syakirah's room and stopped short when he saw her lying on the bed. Slowly he approached his sister-in-law.

"Assalamualaikum, Sis. You don't mind me calling you that, right? We're not at the college right now. But if you don't want me to call you that, you'd better wake up to stop me yourself". Hidayat smiled with sadness in his eyes. "You know what, we've all missed you. And I bet you know who misses you the most. He's the guy I respect the most in my life. And he's waiting for you to wake up, you know Sis". He sat beside Syakirah for awhile and made du'a for her before leaving.

Yasmin and Hidayat went to visit the other two lecturers and the driver. Imran left to make a call. As Hanim was about to leave to for the cafetaria, two nurses rushed into Syakirah's room. "What...what's happening?", Hanim asked.

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