The Gift (Part-135)



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"We're not sure" was all Hanim received for ananswer. She started pacing nervously. A few minutes later a doctor came and entered Syakirah's room.

"Ya Allah (SWT) ,please don't let anything happen to her.What am I going to tell her parents and Abang Imran. Please...", she whispered to herself. Just about then Yasmin and Hidayat came back. She stopped pacing.

"What's going on, Hanim? Why are you so nervous? Has there been a changewith her?", Yasmin asked and Hanim nodded and went to sit down.

"I don't know. I was here when suddenly the nurses ran into her room. Oh Kak Yasmin...they are working on her. What if...', Hanim stopped as she sawher youngest brother. He could tell something happened from the look on Hanim's face.

"Hidayat, why don't you go and find Imran. I'll get her parents". "I'll be here and wait", Yasmin said. Hanim ran tothe canteen and Hidayat went to the elevator. A few minutes later the nurses and the doctor came out of Syakirah's room.

"Is she going to be okay?", Yasmin asked the doctor. "Her vital sign started to flatten but she's stabilizing now. I really can't say much. We'll be watching her closely. Just pray for her".

The doctor left and Yasmin went into Syakirah's room. Syakirah still looked the same as earlier. Yasmin pulled the chair close to the side of Syakirah's bed and sat down.Yasmin held Syakirah's hand. "Syira, please fight. Don't give up yet. We need you,Syira". Yasmin heard the door opened. She turned and saw Syakirah's parents. Yasmin went out to let them be with Syakirah.

"How is she?", Imran asked Yasminnervously as he waited to see Syakirah. "The doctor said she's stabilizing again".

"And put thy trust in Allah  (SWT)   and enough is Allah  (SWT)  as a Disposer of affairs" (Al-Mu'min: 3)

Imran entered Syakirah's room. He stood beside Syakirah and watched her.He felt so helpless looking at his wife. He couldn't take his eyes off of her wondering if she would ever wake up. A tear fell as he held Syakirah's hand. He brushed the tear away and held her hand with both of his hands. He kissed it and then he placed it down. He rubbed her hand slowly. Suddenly Syakirah's eyes started to open slowly. Imran took her hand again and held it.

"Hi", Imran said softly trying to smile as his eyes were welling up with tears. "Im...Imran?", she replied softly as she recognized the person sitting beside her bed. "Yeah. It's me, honey. Salam alaikum".

Syakirah looked at Imran. "Sa..lam..alaikum. You're crying...?", she asked slowly. "Thought I'd lost you", Imran answered as he held her hand. A few tears spilled over and he wiped them. "I'm crying because I don't want to lose you. Allah (SWT)   knows how scared I was. How're you feeling now?", Imran asked.

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