The Gift (Part-137)



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"I was so close to losing Syira. I'm so grateful to Allah  (SWT)  for giving me the chance that I did not get with Kaira. And Mom, Alhamdulillah...through you I met Syakirah. I promise you that I will love and take care of her, Insha Allah (SWT) . I know you weren't there during our second wedding but I know it made you happy and rest in peace, In sha Allah (SWT) .Alhamdulillah..your wish was fulfilled".

"He who Allah  (SWT)  leadeth, he indeed is led aright, while he whom Allah  (SWT)  sendeth astray they indeed are losers" (Al-'Araf: 178) c

Almost a week had passed since the ordeal. Imran feltgrateful to Allah  (SWT)  more than ever. He survived another test from the Almighty. In fact, he had gainedmore through the tragedy. He was so close to losing another loved one. As scared as he had been, he was spiritually and mentally stronger and prepared to accept Allah's will with redha. Before, with Kaira, he was far too young when he faced losing her. As always and ever, there was a blessing in every event that happened insomeone's life. Imran toldthis to himself. And a strong faith would always be the power to pull one through any ordeal in life!

Yasmin and Hidayat left a day after Syakirah regained her consciousness. Hanim, however, decided to stay for a week and her husband would bejoining her later to visit the family.

Imran and Hanim drove syakirah's parents to the airport. He told his in-laws that he would drive Syakirah back to the college when she was released from the hospital. The two siblings stopped by the hospital to visit Syakirah.

"Assalamualaikum, Kak Syira", Hanim called out as they entered her room. She was up reading a book. She smiled at them and looked delighted to have them over.

"How're you today, honey?", Imran asked as theyboth sat on each side of Syakirah's bed." Alhamdulillah. I'm feeling a lot better now , but bored. The doctor said I could leave in two days. I can't stand staying here longer", she replied. "I justwant to go back and teach. I've really missed my friends and students". Imran and Hanim smiled as they heard what Syakirah said.

"Well, two days are not that long, Kak Syira. Besides we'll come everyday to check on you, In sha Allah (SWT) ", Hanim said.

haven't removed the cast from his leg. He told me that he would be transferred to GH in KL tomorrow. He misses his family. Now, that means I'll be the only one left here starting from tomorrow".

"Just hang in there, Kak Syira. When you get out from here we'll go somewhere together before you go back to KL. I'd still have one day left to stay hereby then, In sha Allah (SWT) ", Hanim said. "Anyway, Abang Imran is a good driver, right?", Hanim gave a teasing look at her brother. "In sha Allah. Whatever for you my ladiesa", Imran said and they all laughed.

Imran drove Syakirah back to KL. He stayed only one day with her because he had to be back for an important meeting at KS Holdings. Syakirah had madeup her mind to move to JB for good. That semester would be her last semester at Pine College. She told her decision to Imran before he left for JB.

"Are you sure you won't regret this? I mean leaving the college being farther from your home", Imran asked her. "Honey, my home is where you and I are going tobuild, In sha Allah (SWT)  ", answered Syakirah. "In sha Allah (SWT)  ". They both smiled lovingly at each other.

Syakirah stood watching the peaceful night from the balcony facing the beach. The sky looked beatiful with the bright stars decorating the full moon night. She prayed to Allah  (SWT)   to share many more nights like this for the rest of her life with Imran. Imran had taken her to his favorite resort two days after she finally settled with Imran in JB.

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