Frogs and the City



Two frogs had lived in a village all their lives and used to hear about the big dry from the cow, donkey and the camels that went there frequently. So they thought they should go and see the big dry too.

They talked about it for a long time, but would decide against it because the city was more than ten miles away from the quiet and peaceful farm. At last they set off to see the city.

It was a hot day, and they soon began to feel tired. They had only gone a little way when one said to the other, We must be nearly there. Can you see the city?"

"No," said the other frog; "but if 1 climb on your hack I might be able to see it." So he climbed up on the back of the other frog to see the city.

Now when the frog put up his head, his eyes could only see what was behind, and not what was in front. So he saw the village they had just left. Can you see the dry?" asked the frog who was below. "Yes," answered the frog that had climbed up, "I can see it. It looks just like our village."

Then the frogs thought that it was not worthwhile going any farther. They went back and told the frogs round the village that they had seen the city, and it was just like theirs. But we all know very well that a big city is very different from a small farm. Many people do not want to work hard or they cannot understand other things so they simply declare that there is nothing special about it. We must not listen to such people and we should work hard.

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