Sayeduna Muhammad (SM) (Part-33)



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Such men will find their abode in hell—What an evil refuge!:
Except those who are weak and oppressed men, women and children
Who have no means in their power nor (a guide post) to direct their way.
For these there is hope that Allah will forgive For Allah does blot out sins and forgive again and again.'' (4:97-99)

Armies and Expeditions
With regard to Jihad, the Islamic forces wherein Rasulullah (SM) himself did not participate were called Syria (expeditions) and those forces of the Muslims wherein he personally participated are called Ghazwahs (armies).   

Badr is the name of a well after which the whole valley wherein it is situated became known as Badr. It i situated on the road between Makkah and Madinah, quite nearer to Madinah. This is where the battle of Badr took place. Of all the battles mentioned in the Qur'an this one is the most prominent.    

The Battle of Badr
The Hijrat to Madinah caused the unbelievers of Makkah such anger because they now saw the prophet and the muslims having left from their unbearable persecution and injustices. They now decided that any price they should try to destroy Isl5m and the Muslims. Thus soon after the  Hijrat they started some minor battles in this regard to battles of Bawaat and the Ghazwah of Asheerah but these were insufficient to quench their thirst for revenge. A decisive battle had to be fought to finally destroy Islam.

For this purpose they felt it necessary that sufficient weaopens should be prepared. Further they decided that Abu Sufiyan should proceed with a caravan to Syria to buy much goods which were to be sold and the profit of the sale be used to purchase weapons. So much enthusiasm was awakened for this that practically every soul in Makkah invested some portion of his saving in this venture, so much so that an old woman even came forth to offer her small sum of capital, which she had earned through her hard labour. Finally this caravan consisting of seventy men went off to Syria under the leadership of Abu Sufiyan.   

When this caravan, after having made much profit in Syria was enroute back to Makkah, having to pass near Badr, Rasulullah (SM) got knowledge of their passing. He gathered  the companions for consultations and some of them expressed the willingness to confront the caravan. Some others were not too keen to confront the caravan.    

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