Sayeduna Muhammad (SM) (Part-34)



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The Muslim expedition that went in pursuit of the caravan had no weapons of war with them. According to the most authentic reports they were only 313 men while at the time the Muslim population of Madinah consisted  of about 1000 adult males. They only had a few swords, two or three horses, seven coats of armour and only eight camels, while at the time the Muslims in Madinah had many  more weapons, horses and camels. In fact this army was not a fighting force but merely a group of devoted sons of 'Tauheed who set forth to try to capture the goods of the caravan which was going to be used for acquiring weapons against Islam.     

When Abu Sufiyan discovered that the Muslims we in pursuit of him and the caravan, he despatched DamdamT Makkah to inform Quraish of the danger and to request help from them. When this news reached Makkah, they were filled with great anger and all the chiefs of Quraish were stirred  o war. Each of them were ready to take his own army and proceed to war. They were about a thousand soldiers with sufficient swords, spears, bows and arrows and in great arrogance set forth in the direction of Badr.  

In the meantime Rasulullah (SM) when the Muslims reached the valley of Safraa appointed two young men: Busbas bin Ammer and Adee bin Za’baa to act as spices to bring news of the Caravan under Abu Sufiyan. The Muslims then passed the valley of Safraa and had reached the valley of Zafraan. When they reached there the two spies brought the news that Abu Sufiyan and the Caravan would soon be reaching Badr. They also heard that the army from Makkah, one thousand strong was on its way to fight the Muslims. When these two point of news reached the Muslims at the valley of Zafraan Rasulullah (SM) found it necessary to once more consult with the Sahabah. Now the matter was a serious one.  

The Muslims were without equipment and very little in number while the enemy were much more in number and wellequipped with weapons. Moreover at Aqaba an agreement was made with the Ansaar that for as long as Quraish or others are not going to attack Madinah, they would not be forced orobliged to go out of Madinah for war.   

These were the main reason why Rasulullah (SM) wanted to consult with the companions. He said to them: "The enemy is upon us. Now you tell me what do you want? A war to decide between truth and falsehood or do you want to attack the Caravan?"  

When the Muslims heard this some of them naturally opposed the idea of waging war and felt not inclined towards  it. They replied:       

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