Sayeduua Muhammad (SM) (Part-35)



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"O Messenger of Allah, we did not leave Madinah with the object of going to war. That is why we are without equipment. We now too feel that we should attack the Caravan and return home."   

Rasulullah (SM) himself, disapproving of this opinion, said: "Leave the caravan. Give opinions on those people who left Makkah with the aim of attacking you."

When some people again offered an excuse, Rasulullah (SM) repeated his previous statement.  At that time the eminent Companions like Abu Bakr (Ra) Umar (Ra) and Ali realized that Rasulullah (SM)' s view was that a war should be fought to decide between truth and falsehood. Hence they expressed the opinion that they are at all times prepared for war. This encouraged the rest of the Sahabah.  But even then it seemed that Rasulullah (SM) was waiting for more views. Then from among the Ansaar Saad bin Maaz rose and said: "O Messenger of Allah (SWT), is this an indirection of us as the Ansaar to give our views? Then on behalf of the Ansaar he gave a very impressive speech of devotion and faithfulness. Having heard the courage of the Muhaajireen and Ansaar Rasulullah (SM) face shone with happiness and he said:  

"Now let us more forward in the Name of Allah (SWT) and take the good news for Allah (SWT) has promised me that one of the two groups (the Caravan, or the Makkan army) He will deliver into my hands. And Allah's promise is the truth. And I swear by Allah that now already I see the spots where the leaders and chiefs of Quraish will be killed."     

According to Saheeh Muslim, it states that when threached i Badr, Radr. Rasulullah (SM) placed placed his hand hand  on the ground and and showed:

"At this spot so and so Qurayshi will be killed and on this spot so and so will be killed."

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