Sayeduna Muhammad (SM) (Part-36)



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All the commentators of the Qur'an are agreed that the above consultation is the one which was referred to in the Qur'an in Surah Anfaal:
("Spoils of war are for Allah (SWT) and His Rasul).
"Just as your Lord ordered you out of your
house in truth Even though a party of the believes disliked it.
Disputing with you concerning the truth after it was made manifest as if they were being driven to death and they (actually) saw it.
Behold Allah promised you one of the two parties (of enemies)
That it should be yours, you wished that the unarmed should be yours But Allah willed to justify the truth according to his words
And to cut off the roots of the unbelievers." (8:5-8)

That he may justify truth and prove falsehood false

Distableful though it be to those in guilt." (8:5-8)

Now the Muslims proceeded ahead till they reached near Badr, where are put up camp at the Makkan side of the valley called the Adwatul Qasvva so that they faced the enemy. At the same time Abu Sufiyan and his caravan passed along the shore-side so that if it should be necessary they will be able to come to the aid of their army. Where the Muslims were the ground was very sandy so that be th man and animals found it difficult to move about while when the enemy was quite firm ground all the advantages were with the enemy. They were three times the number of Muslims, well-equiped with weapons and came prepared to fight and then also the ground around them quite firm with the added advantage of  reinforcements from the caravan.

The Muslims on the other hand were few' in number, hardly had any weapons and equipment, hardly any horses or camels, settled in a sandy spot and above all no visible hope of reinforcements. Moreover the enemy had managed to take control of the water supply.  

It is quite clear that if at that moment the Muslims were left to their own minds and opinions, they would have preferred to evade fighting a battle under such circumstances. They would have preferred to postpone the battle until such a time when they were on a better footing via-a-vis the enemy. This is what some of them said at the time of consultaation in the valley of Zafraan. But because Allah had through revelation informed Rasulullah (SM) that He had promised to grant them success against one of the two enemy groups either the caravan or the army from Makkah it was clear that this promise would only be fulfilled if they met Quraish's army in combat wherein the Muslims were to be successful. Therefore they agreed in accordance with the wishes of Rasulullah (SM), that in spite of being ill-equiped to fight the battle to decide the issue between truth and falsehood and decided to show their courage and spirit of sacrifice.  

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