Sayeduna Muhammad (SM) (Part-38)



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The Prayer for Help
Both armies were standing ready for battle. Rasulullah (SM) first straight tened the lines of the Muslims and then went into a shelter which had been erected for him on the battlefield and there in utmost sincerity hand humility prayed  of Allah (SWT) seeking His help:        

"O Allah, we beseech you fulfill to us your promise of help to us'.

O Allah, if this day this handful of Muslims are to be defeated, then never again will you be worshipped on this earth."   

Sayeduna Abu Bakr (Ra) saw and heart-rending Dua, came nearer and said: "Enough, O Messenger of Allah, Allah will certainly fulfill His promise."   

Help from the Unseen

1. In the end this is what happened. In view of all weakness and shortage of equipment the mere fact that any Muslim should escape from this battle alive was in itself a miracle, but unseen help from Allah's jjide encouraged the Muslims and made then successful. On the battlefield of Badr a miracle unfolded as almost all the leaders of Quraish were slain and the power of Kufr and Shirk was destroyed.

What was this Unseen help? The Qur’an says in various veses: In the eyes of the Muslims the unbelievers were made to appear few in number so that the Muslims should not feel overwhelmed and in the eyes of the Unbelievers the Muslims appeared few like the sands in number so that they not feel overpowered and flee before fighting while they themselves appeared much more. (8:43-44)

There has already been for you a sign in the two armies that met (in combat). One was fighting in the cause of Allah,the other resisting Allah, these saw with their own eyes, twice their number but Allah does support with His aid whom Hepleases. In this is a warning for such as have eyes to see.(3:13)

2. In answer to the Du'as of the Muslims, they were helped with the arrival of a thousand angels:
helped with the arrival of a thousand angels: Remember you employed the assistance of your Lord And He answered you: "I will assist you with a thousand angels ranks on ranks."    

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