Sayeduna Muhammad (SM) (Part-40)



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The Result of the Battle of Badr
Anyway the battle started and both sides showed great bravery and courage the one side called out to the other: "Is there anyone to accept the challenge to a single combat?" Thereafter the total onslaught from both sides persued. Initially the Muslims fought defensively, but after his Du'a,  

Rasulullah (SM) entered the battlefield reciting the words-'Shaahatil Wujooh' 'May their faces be disgraced. He picked up a handful of sand and stones and threw it in the direction of the enemy. Allah caused that sand to reach into the eyes of each of the unbelievers and they were troubled by it. Thereafter the Muslims went over to attacking warfare:  

"(O Muhammad) when you threw a handful of dust, it was not your act but Allah's in order that He might test the believers."

The battle raged and it was not long before the big men of Quraish were slain and the enemy’s legs were taken out from under them. They tried to flee but could not find an opportunity to flee. In this way 70 of them were killed and seventy of them were taken prisoner. Finally the rest of them fled from the battlefield.

Although the Muslims were victorious in this battle through help from Allah, still twenty-two of them were martyred.

Badr Changed the History of the World
Although historians and biographers have to admit the importance of this battle, they are also forced to admit that it was no righteous battle but it was of such importance that it destroyed the strength of Quraish for all times and opened for the Muslims the way towards raising high the word of Allah (SWT).   

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