Sayeduna Muhammad (SM) (Part-41)



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The Battle of Uhud
Uhud is the name of a mountain in Madinah. It is that spot where in the year 3 A.H. (625 After Christ) the second battle took place between the Muslims and Quraish, between truth and falsehood.   

For the sake of taking revenge for the great defeat suffered at Badr, Abu Sufiyan proceeded from Makkah with three thousand brave soldiers in the direction of Madinah and soon put up camp at Uhud.

When Rasulullah (SM) came to know of Abu Sufiyan's army, he consulted with the companions. The elderly and experienced companions felt there was no need to go out of Madinah to meet them, but that they should rather await the enemy while staying in Madinah. When the enemy attacks the Muslims should defend with all their power and might. They felt that with this action from the Muslim's side, Quraish will not have the courage to attack Madinah and if they do they will face a great defeat which will force them to flee in disgrace.

However the companions who did not have the opportunity of fighting at Badr, and now wished to acquire the reward of Badr, did not agree with the above view. The youth sided with them and they felt the Muslims should go  out of Madinah and engage Quraish in combat. Finally, it was decided that the Muslims should meet Quraish outside Madinah.   

Rasulullah (SM) agreed with this and went into his home. While he was gone the elder men started blaming the young men for having disagreed with Rasulullah (SM) inclination to meet Quraish while staying inside Madinah. Obviously this caused Rasulullah (SM) some discomfort. In the meantime these young men were sorry for having expresses this view, so that when Rasulullah (SM) came out of his house they expressed their sorrow and said they will agree that the Muslims should stay in Madinah. Thereupon Rasulullah (SM) said:   

"It is not fitting for a prophet that when he had put on his weapons and prepared for battle, that he should take off those weapons before the battle between truth and falsehood had been fought. Now in the Name of Allah  let us enter the field of battle."

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