Sayeduua Muhammad (SM) (Part-42)



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When Rasulullah (SM) left Madinah he had a thousand men with him. Among these were three hundred hypocrites under Abdullah bin Ubay. These hypocrites had already plotted against Islam with the unbelievers of Makkah. In order to break the courage of the Muslims, they had decided to accompany the Muslims and then before the battle to break away from them. Apparently this was because Rasulullah (SM) had rejected the opinion of the experienced ones and decided to accept the opinion of the younger ones. So why should they now put their lives in danger.

However the hypocrites failed in their aim because their return did not have any effect upon the rest of the Mujahidden and their spirit of sacrifice. In fact when outside Madinah Rasulullah (SM) took stock of the soldiers and wanted to send back the children, one Raafi bin Khadeej who was still a young boy, stood on his toes to make him appear big so that he could be allowed to remain and fight for Islam. His plan was successful and he was allowed to remain. Similarly when Samurah bin Jundub was turned back, he cried and said:

"O Messenger of Allah, if Raafi can proceed into battle, why should I be excluded, when in wrestling I can beat him?"   

In the end both of them were allowed to wrestle. Samurah managed to beat Raafi and both of them were allowed to join the Mujahideen. However among two tribes a certain amount of lack of courage had set in but due to the great enthusiasm of the other Muslims they also took courage.

At Uhud Rasulullah (SM) arranged the Muslim in such a way that they had mount Uhud at their backs. Upon the top of one of the mountain peaks to its side he placed fifty men with bows and arrows under the command of Abdullah bin Jubayr with this instruction that they should not leave this spot at any circumstances to avoid the enemy coming along that side to attack from the rear side.  

The battle started and both sides fought with great courage. The battle had not raged for very long when the Muslims found the apprehend and the unbelievers’ ranks were becoming disorganised and soon they started retreating the Muslims put them to fight. As this happened' the Muslims perused them with the aim of acquiring spoils of war and as this happened the archers on the hill-top also left their positions. Their leader Abdullah bin Jubayr tried his utmost to make them stay put in accordance with Rasulullah (SM) command, but they left, reckoning that Rasulullah (SM) orders were for the duration of the battle. Why should they now remain when the enemy fled?

Their leaving their place created an opening for the enemy. This allowed Khalid bin Waleed to attack from that side, from their rear. This caused great distress to the Muslims and within a short while victory became changed to defeat as the Muslims were cought in between. At the time Rasulullah (SM) had some stalwarts around him like Abu Bakr (Ra) Umar (Ra) Ali (Ra) Talha (Ra)and Zubayr (Ra). One of the unbelievers threw a stone which caught Rasulullah (SM) on the face and caused him to lose a tooth. From this blow

Rasulullah (SM) was wounded and fell down in one of the passes. Before he could recover fully, one of the unbelievers shouted: "Muhammad (SM) is dead."

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