Sayeduna Muhammad (SM) (Part-44)



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Hearing this caused even greater disorder and disorganisation among the Muslims with great distress. However the steadfast companions continued fighting and saying that news is untrue: "Even if it should be true, what should we do as living ones! Come let us fight and give our souls."

This voice caused great courage to return to their hearts. They all turned back to battle and attacked. However by this time the whole picture of the battle had changed and Quraish, having considered themselves victors had withdrawn from the battle field. Now on seeing Rasulullah (SM) alive the Muslims were exceedingly pleased and gathered around him. He had been wounded and was bleeding. Hazrat Ali (Ra) and Fatima treated, his wounds and bandaged them.

The Martyrdom of Sayeduna Hamza (Ra)
In this battle seventy companions were martyred and many others wounded. Among the martyrs was the uncle of Rasulullah (SM), his close friend and devoted companion, Sayeduna Hamza whom Rasulullah (SM) called 'the leader of all the martyrs.'  

At this battle the unbelievers acted like animals and bloodthirsty predators as they went about cutting off the noses and ears of slain, fallen Muslims and arranged themselves upon the Muslims by cutting open their bodies  and removing internal organs. The wife of Abu Sufiyan, Hinda took out the liver of Sayeduna Hamza and chewed it with her teeth. Hamza was treacherously killed by a black slave, Wahshi, whom Hinda rewarded by giving him her gold necklace.

Abu Sufiyan in showing his great pleasure at this victory, shouted alud:

"A'laa Habal, A'laa Hubal" Hubal is great! Hubal is great!
Thereupon Rasulullah (SM) told Sayeduna Umar (Ra),:
"Reply to him by saying:

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