Sayeduna Muhammad (SM) (Part-48)



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The Incident of Hudaybia
Hudaybia is situated on the road from Makkah to Jedda at a distance of about one Manzil. It is the name of a well and it is the place connected with the "Manifest victory" of which the Qur’an speaks and is also the place of the " Bay'atur Ridwaan"-the oath of allegiance with which  Allah was well-pleased.   

During the year 6 Hijri (February 628 A.C.) in the month of Zil-Qa’da on Monday Rasulullah (SM) left Madinah for Makkah with the object of performing Umrah.   

When they reached Thul Khulayfa the Sahabah adorned the sacrificed animals which accompanied them and there they all put on the Ihraam for Umrah. Rasulullah (SM) also appointed a man from Bani Khuzaa'ah to proceed ahead and find out the movements and interaction of Quraish.   

When the Sahabah reached a place called Chadeer Ashtaat, the spy came to report that Quraish had already received the news of the departure of the Muslims from Madinah and that they had already gathered all the tribes with the aim of confronting the Muslims they are adamant notlo allow Rasulullah (SM) and his companions into Makkah.   

Rasulullah (SM) then consulted with the companions as to what they should do. Abu Bakr spoke: "O Messenger of Allah (SM) we have left Madinah with the object of visiting the House of Allah (SM). Our aim is not warfare nor fighting and killing Therefore we should continue to move towards Makkah with the aim of visiting the House of Allah (SWT). And if anyone comes in our way to prevent that we shall be forced to fight them."   

After this Rasulullah (SM) said:
"Now let us in the Name of Allah (SWT) move forward.(Bukhari)

With the love for the Baitullah in them and with the joy of the prospect of again visiting the House they moved in the irection of Makkah when Rasulullah (SM) announced: "Khalid bin Waleed with his army is awaiting your arrival at the valley of ’Ateern. Hence it is advisable to avoid that way and to move to the left of that spot so that we suddenly appear unexpectedly in front of them."

When the Muslims unexpectedly arrived on top of him, Khalid was surprised and perplexed. He quickly took his forces and returned to Makkah to inform Quraish of the arrival of the Muslims.   

Finally Rasulullah arrived on that hill after which they would amve at Makkah and his she camel, Qaswa, suddenly sad down and refused to move further. The Sahaba tried everything to make her move but in vain. When they were tired of trying to get it to move on, they said: :It seems that Qaswa has become disobedient and obstinate"   

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