The Mouse and the Camel



A little mouse once caught in its paws a camel's head-rope and in a spirit of emulation went off with it, Because of the nimbleness with which the camel set off along with him the mouse was duped into thinking himself a champion. The flash of his thought struck the camel.

"Go on, enjoy yourself," he grunted. 4l I will show you!" Presently the mouse came to the hank of a great river, such as would have cast down any lion or wolf. There the mouse halted.

"Comrade over mountain and plain/ 1 said the camel "why this standing still? Why are you dismayed? Step into it like a man! Into the river with you ! You are my guide and leader; do nor halt half-way, paralysed!"

"But this is a vast and deep river" said the mouse. "I am afraid of being drowned, comrade."
"Let me see how deep the water is" said the camel, and quickly set foot in it,
'The water only comes up to my knee," he went on, "Blind mouse, why were you dismayed? Why did you lose your heart?"

"To you it is an ant s hut to me it is a dragon," said the mouse. "There are great differences between one knee and another. If it only reaches your knee, clever camel, it passes way up over my head,"

"Be not so arrogant another time/' said the camel, "lest you are consumed body and soul by the sparks of my wrath. Emulate mice like yourself; a mouse has no business to hobnob with camels."

"I repent" said the mouse. "For God's sake get me across this deadly river!"
"Listen," said the camel, showing compassion to the mouse. "Jump up and sit on my hump. This passage has been made easy for me; I can take hundreds of thousands like you across it."
If you are not the ruler, he a simple subject; if you are not a captain, do not try to steer the ship.

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