Dhul Qarnain (Part-4)



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Ishaq Ibn Bishr narrated after Sa'id Ibn Bashir on the authority of Qatadah as saying: Alexander was (called) Dhul-Qarnain, his father was the first Caesar, and he was from among the offspring of Sam Ibn Nuh (Noah (Peace be upon him)).

At this conjecture one should distinguish between two people who were called Dhul-Qarnain. The first is our pious Dhul-Qarnain while the second is Alexander Ibn Philips Ibn Masrim Ibn Hirmis Ibn Maitun Ibn Rumi Ibn Lanti Ibn Yunan Ibn Yafith Ibn Yunah Ibn Sharkhun Ibn Rumah Ibn Sharfat Ibn Tufil Ibn Rumi Ibn AI-As far Ibn Yaqz Ibn Al-'lis Ibn Ishaq Ibn Ibrahim (Peace be upon him). This lineage was stated by Al-Hafiz Ibn' Asakir in his Tarikh (History). Moreover, he was the Macedonian, Greek, Egyptian leader who established Alexandria and basing on whom the Romans set their Calendar. He came after the first Dhul-Qarnain with a very long time. This was three hundred years before Jesus (Peace be upon him). His minister was the famous Philosopher Artatalis. Moreover, he was the one who killed Dara Ibn Dara, and subjugated the Persian kings and seized their lands. We only drew the reader's attention to this because many people think that the two men called "Dhul-Qarnain" are me, which is a big mistake for there were great differences between both. The first was a godly, pious, righteous worshipper of Allah the Almighty, and he was a just king whose minister was the pious man, Al-Khadlr. Moreover, some scholars stated that he was a Prophet as well. Whereas, the latter was a polytheist whose minister was a philosopher as mentioned earlier. In addition, the time elapsed between them both was more than two thousand years. Hence, none can miss the great differences and variance between both of them but an ignorant idiot who know nothing at all!

Allah's Saying: {And they ask you about Dhul-Qarnain} was revealed because the people of Quraish asked the Jews of something about which they would ask the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) to test his knowledge. The Jews told them: Ask him about a man who traveled through the earth, and about some young men who set out and no one knew what happened to them? Thereupon, Allah the Almighty revealed the stories of the Owners of the Cave and that of Dhul-Qarnain. Thus, He said: {Say: I shall recite to you something of his story}, i.e. enough and sufficient news about him and his status. Then, He said: {Verily, We established him in the earth, and We gave him the means of everything} , i.e. Allah the Almighty expanded his kingdom and provided him with what might enable him to gain what he wished to. Narrated Qutaibah that 'Ali Ibn Abu Talib was once asked about DhulQarnain: how could he reach the east and west? 'Ali replied: The clouds wert subjugated for him, the means (of everything) were provided to him, and he was given extension pertaining to the light. 'Ali added: Do you want me to go on? The man became silent and thereupon, 'Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) became silent.

Narrated Abu Ishaq As-Subai'i after 'Amr Ibn 'Abdullah Al-Wada'i: "I heard Mu'awiyah as saying: four persons ruled over the earth: Sulaiman Ibn Dawud the Prophet (Peace be upon them), Dhul-Qarnain, a man from the people of Hulwan, and another man. Someone said: was it Al-Khadir? Mu'awiyah said: No."

Az-Zubair Ibn Bakkar narrated that Sufyan Ath Thawri said: I have come to know that four persons ruled over the whole earth: two of them were believers and the other two were disbelievers. The believing two were: Prophet Sulaiman and Dhul-Qarnain. And, the disbelieving two were: Namrud and Bikhtinassar." The same was narrated by Sa' id Ibn Bashir.

Narrated Ishaq Ibn Bishr after Sa' id Ibn Abu 'Urubah after Qatadah after AlHasan as saying: "Dhul-Qarnain was a king after Namrud. He was a pious, righteous Muslim who traveled through the east and west. Allah the Almighty prolonged his life and granted him victory over the enemies and to ge1 hold of their properties. He conquered the land, subjugated the people and traveled through the earth till he reached the east and west. Allah the Almighty says: {And they ask you about Dhul-Qarnain. Say: "I shall recite to you something of his story." Verily, We established him in the earth, and We gave him the means of everything}, i.e. knowledge of seeking the means of fulfilling things. Ibn Ishaq said: Muqatil claimed that he used to conquer the lands and collect treasures, and used to offer the people two choices: whether they embrace his religion and follow him, or they be killed.

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By: Ibn Katheer Translated by Ali As-Sayed Al-Halawani

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