People of the Cave (Part-4)



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Allah the Almighty says: {And thus We made their case known (to the people), that they might know that the Promise of Allah is true, and that there can be no doubt about the Hour}, i.e. to let the people know that resurrection is true and that there can be no doubt about the Hour if they know that these young men slept for more than three hundred years then they were awaken unchanged. So, He Who kept them in this state all that period, is capable to resurrect and give life again to the dead bodies after they undergo decomposition. Really, the believers do not doubt this in the least: {Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, ‘Be!’ -and it is!}. (Ya-Sin, 82)

Then, He says: {(Some) say they were three, the dog being the fourth among them,' and (others) say they were five, the dog being the sixth, guessing at the unseen,' (yet others) say they were seven, and the dog being the eighth} , as Allah cited the dispute of the people among themselves as to their number. He cited three sayings, the first two He refuted and the third He stated, a matter which indicates that the third is the true one. However, Allah guided His Prophet (Peace be upon him) to the good manners to be followed in such a case: that one should say "Allah knows best! " For this, Allah the Almighty says: {My Lord knows best their number}.

His Statement: {None knows them but a few}, from among the people. ( So debate not (about their number) except with the clear proof (which We have revealed to you)}, i.e. an easy debate and do not exert yourself in such matters. {And consult not any of them (people of the Scripture -Jews and Christians) about (the affair oj) the people of the Cave}, as He concealed their number from the very beginning of the story, saying: {Truly they were young men who believed in their Lord (Allah)}.
(Al-Kahf, 13) So, if there was any benefit in mentioning their number, Allah the Almighty would certainly revealed it to us from the very beginning!
Allah the Almighty says: {And never say of anything, "I shall do such and such thing tomorrow." Except (with the saying), "if Allah will!" And remember your Lord when you forget and say: "It may be that my Lord guides me unto a nearer way of truth than this "}, this is a great and high moral lesson taught by Allah the Almighty that when anyone wishes to do something, he should say "If Allah wills", because man cannot know what is hidden with Allah for tomorrow or for the future. Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported Allah's Prophet (Peace be upon him) as saying that "Sulaiman lbn Dawud, the Messenger of Allah, observed: I will have an intercourse with seventy wives during the night; all of them will give birth to a male child who will fight in the cause of Allah. His companion or the angels said to him: Say, "If Allah wills." But he (Sulaiman) did not say so, and he forgot it. And none of his wives gave birth to a child, but one who gave birth to a premature child. Allah's Messenger (Peace be upon him) said: Had he said lnsha'Allah (if Allah so willed), he would not have failed and his desire would have been materialized. "

Allah the Almighty says: {And remember your Lord when you forget}, for forgetting may be caused by the Devil, and remembering Allah gets the Devil out of one's heart and thus he remembers what he has forgotten. {And say: "It may be that my Lord guides me unto a nearer way of truth than this"}, i.e. if there were controversies and disputes about something, one should resort to Allah Who can facilitate it and make it so easy. Then, Allah the Almighty says: {And they stayed in their Cave three hundred (solar) years, adding nine} , i.e. for lunar years. {Say: Allah knows best how long they stayed}, i.e. if you are asked about this and you do not know exactly the answer, you should only attribute the matter to Allah the Almighty {With Him is (the knowledge on the Unseen of the heavens and the earth}, i.e. He knows the Unseen and gives knowledge thereof to none but Whom He wishes from among His creatures; {How clearly He sees, and hears (everything)!}, i.e. He puts everything in its proper place with His Perfect Knowledge and Justice. Then, He says: {They have no Wali (Helper, Disposer of affairs, Protector) other than Him, and He makes none to share in His Decision and His Rule}, i.e. He is the only Disposer of affairs and He is the King Who rules over everything.

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By: Ibn Katheer Translated by Ali As-Sayed Al-Halawani

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