Four Men in the Masjid



Four men entered a masjid and each busied himself in salah, humbly prostrating before Allah (SWT) Each one said, "Allah Akhbar" after first having made his intention,
and began to pray with humility.
Meanwhile the Mu'adhin came in and save the call to salal.
The first man blurted out to the Mu'adhin." Are you calling to the prayer?  Are von sure it is the right time?"
The second spoke on the spur of the moment, "You have nullified your salah by speaking during prayers!"
The third retorted, "Why did YOU speak? Tell your OWNSELF how to behave!"
The fourth mumbled, "Praise be to Allah (SWT) I wasn't a party to their argument."
Thus all the four broke their salah and wasted it. The fault-finders went more astray than the one who made the original mistake.

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