Sura Al-Baqarah (Tafseer-ul-Maariful Quran), Part-282



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This night I saw two men who came to me and brought me to a sacred land. We walked until we reached a river of blood, wherein a man was standing, and another man was standing on the bank of the river with some stones before him. Then the man who was standing in the river came forward, and when he intended to come out of the river, the other man threw a stone at his mouth, and turned him back to the place where he was earlier thus he began to do the same with him whenever he tried to come out of the river by throwing a stone at him and turning him back. I asked him, "What is that which I have just seen going on?" He replied, "He is the one who used to take riba (interest or usury).

The Messenger of Allah cursed the one who accepts riba (interest or usury), the one who pays it, the one who writes it and the persons who gives witness to it, and said, "They are all alike."

There are four kinds of people about whom Allah has decided not to admit them to Paradise and not to let them taste its bliss: The one who is addicted to wine, the one who takes the riba, the one who exploits the property of an orphan and the man who is disobedient to his parents.

A dirham a man receives as riba (interest or usury) is, in the sight of Allah, more serious than thirty three acts of fornication or adultery in Islam.

The Holy Prophet (SM) has forbidden the fruits to be sold or purchased before they are eatable, and said, "When zina (adultery) and riba (usury or interest) become rampant in the people of a town they themselves invite the punishment of Allah.


The society in which riba becomes rampant is punished with famine, and the society where bribe is rampant is punished with horror (of others).


On the night (of Ascension: Mi'raj) when we reached the seventh sky, I looked upwards and saw thunder, lightnings and thunder-claps. Then I came accross some people whose stomachs seemed to be houses full of snakes one could see them from the the outside of their stomachs. I asked jibra'il: "Who are they?" He replied: "They are those who used to take riba (interest or usury). "


Abstain from sins which are not forgiven: Embezzling of the spoils, for whoever embezzles anything will come with it on the Day of Judgment, and the other sin is riba.


When a man gives a loan to a person he must not accept a gift (presented by the debtor).

To sum up, presented here were seven verses of the Holy Qur'an and ten sayings from the ahadith of the noble Prophet (SM) which concern the definition of riba, and its nature, and point out to the disasters it brings in the world. This much is enough for a thinking and feeling Muslim. For those interested in a more comprehensive research on the subject and a more detailed discussion on the remaining aspects may see Mas'ala-i-sud, a separate book in Urdu on the problem of interest published by this humble writer.

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