It was a sunny day and fox was walking across the fields. Soon he came to a vineyard.
As he came nearer, he could see some bunches of juicy grapes.
The fox looked carefully around him. He had to make sure that he was safe from the hunters.
He decided to steal some before anyone came along.

He jumped upwards but he could not reach the grapes. He jumped again as high as he could. He still could not reach them. The grapes were just too high for him!
He was not ready to give up. He backed off, took some running steps and leapt into the air towards the grapes. Again he failed to reach them.

It was getting dark, and he was getting angry. His legs hurt with all that running and jumping. At last he stopped trying. As he walked away, he said to himself, “I don’t really want those grapes. I’m sure they are too sour to eat.” Sometimes when we cannot get what we want,

we pretend that it is not worth having.

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