Love Your Parents



After his duty towards his Lord, the first duty of an individual is towards his parents. Numerous passages in the Quran and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SM) enjoin the believer to be good and courteous to his parents. This duty is an even greater necessity when the parents enter upon old age.
Thus the Quran reminds us: "And be kind to your parents. If one or both of them attain old age with you, do not utter a word of contempt and show them no sign of impatience but speak to them kind words. Treat them with humility and tenderness..."
The Quran urges us to pray for our parents: "Lord, bestow Your mercy on them, as they raised me up when I was little. The Quran urges us to pray for our parents: "Lord, bestow Your mercy on them, as they raised me up when I was little.  
We are reminded of our parents' painstaking care in our upbringing, especially that of our mother: "We enjoined man to show kindness to his parents, for with much pain his mother bears him, and he is not weaned before he is two years of age.
" Perhaps this was the reason that the Prophet Muhammad # accorded great status to mothers. A man once came to the Prophet and said, "I have been intending to enlist in the fighting force and have come to consult you. Have you a mother?" asked the Prophet. "Yes" said th Then be with her," said the noble Prophet "for Paradise lies at her feet."(thant means bu serving your mother can you earn paradies).
Here is another saying of the Prophet Muhammad (SM), which shows his great regard for mothers: A man thus addressed the Prophet: "O Messenger of Allah, who rightfully deserves the best treatment from me?" "Your mother," the Prophet said. "Then who?" the man asked again. "Your mother," replied the Prophet. "Then who?" asked the man once again. "Your mother," said the Prophet. The man asked once more, "Then who?" "Your father/ said the noble Prophet.
Likewise the Prophet spoke words of praise about fathers: "Allah's pleasure is in a father's pleasure; and Allah's displeasure is in a father's displeasure.
Once the Prophet Muhammad M was asked about major sins, and one of the major sins he described was:"Disobeying one's parents and causing pain or injury to them.

" However, on another occasion, the Prophet Muhammad # said that if someone had been disobedient to one or both of his parents, if he sincerely repented and prayed for them, especially after their death, then Allah would forgive him. Thus the Quran enjoins us to be thankful to our parents and obey them at all times
The Quran reminds us: "We said: 'Give thanks to Me and to your parents. To Me shall all things return. But if they press you to serve besides Me deities you know nothing of, do not obey them. Be kind to them in this world, and follow the path of those who turn to Me.
Loving your parents, praying for them, helping them and never doing such acts as may displease them are basic moral teachings of the Quran. We should all adhere to these moral values, so that Allah may be pleased with us and grant His blessings in this world and the world to come.

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