The Prophet Yusuf (A) and the Kings Dream



In the last story, The Pious Man and Sons, we saw how Yusuf(A)was thrown in a well by his brothers and ultimately brought to Egypt, where he was bought by a noble prince whose name was Aziz.

After some years, although Yusuf(A) was innocent, Aziz's wife imprisoned the Prophet Yusuf(A)

Prison opened another chapter in the life of the Prophet Yusuf(A) Here he met two prisoners. They were servants in the royal court, who had displeased the king. Both of them had strange dreams, the meanings of which were correctly given by Yusuf (A) One of them, a cup bearer, was freed and taken back into the king's service.

One day the king dreamt that seven lean cows were eating up seven fat ones and seven green ears of corn were being replaced by seven dried-up ones.

No one was able to say what this unusual dream meant At that time, at the request of the cup bearer, Yusuf(A) interpreted the dream.

He explained that in the lands of Egypt there would be seven years of prosperity. But following these seven years of abundance, there would come seven years of dreadful famine.

The king greatly liked his explanation. There and then he appointed Yusuf (A) to look after the granaries and made him responsible for providing enough grain to meet all needs during the foretold famine seven years later. Yusuf (A) had become the most trusted minister of the King of Egypt.

The seven good years passed and then, as foretold by Yusuf (A) Jui, there came the seven lean and hungry years, when no crops would grow and famine held the land in its grip. Back in the land of Canaan, Yaqub (A) and his sons were hit by the famine too. Therefore, the ten sons travelled to Egypt in search of grain.

When they came to the chief of the storehouses in Egypt, Yusuf(A) recognized them. However, they did not realize that this minister, from whom they had come to seek provisions, was their own brother Yusuf (A) whom they had thrown into a dry well many years ago.

Yusuf received them honourably, and asked them about their family. Yusuf(A) gave them an ample supply of grain and put their money back in their packs.

The brothers made further visits. Ultimately Yusuf (A) revealed his identity to them and forgave them for their crime. He asked them to bring their aged parents. Finally the family was reunited and Yusuf (A) embraced his parents and did them honour by making them sit on the throne, saying: "Welcome to Egypt, in safety if Allah wills!"

Seeing the splendour and high position of Yusuf (A)they all fell prostrate, as a mark of thanksgiving and awe. "This," Yusuf(A) reminded his father, "is the meaning of my dream, which my lord fulfilled"

The dream that Yusuf(A)had as a boy, of the sun, the moon and the eleven stars prostrating themselves before him, had at last come true.

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