The Prophet Ibrahim's Guests



The Prophet Ibrahim (A) was a great prophet. He lived a long, long time ago in the land of Palestine. The Prophet Ibrahim (A) wanted all people to know about Allah. He preached the message of the one God and told people to pray to Allah and thank Him for everything they had.

People did not want to listen to the Prophet Ibrahim (A). They turned their backs and went away. Only the Prophet Ibrahim’s wife and his nephew, (A) listened to him.

One day two men came to the village. They stopped at the door of the Prophet Ibrahim’s house and said: "Peace! Peace!"

The Prophet Ibrahim (A) greeted them also: "And peace be with you!

The Prophet Ibrahim (A) thought that they were strangers from another village. He rushed inside the house. He brought food for them. The men did not touch anything. They did not eat the food because they were not human. They were really angels sent by Allah.

The Prophet Ibrahim (A) became afraid. But the angels said: "Don’t be afraid. We have brought you good news. You will have a son. He will be very wise when he grows up."

The Prophet Ibrahim’s wife was very old. She did not believe in what the angels said. She said: "I am too old to have a baby."

The angels answered: " This is what Allah wants. Allah is wise, He knows best."

The Prophet Ibrahim (A) asked the angels: "Why did you come? Do you have more work here?" The angels replied: "Allah sent us to punish wicked people. They live in cities near the Dead Sea. We are going there."

The Prophet Ibrahim’s nephew, the Prophet (A) also lived in the cities near the Dead Sea. The people of the cities were really very wicked. Only the Prophet (A) and some of his family were good. The angels said to the Prophet (A) "Run away at night and take your people with you, as Allah told us to destroy the wicked cities."

The night came. Suddenly everything began to shake. The ground shook with a terrible earthquake! It also began to rain. But it was not raining water!

It was hot fire falling from the sky! All the wicked people died and nothing was left of the cities.

This is how the angels sent by Allah destroyed the wicked people. Only the good people were saved!

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The Prophet Ibrahim's Guests

The Prophet Ibrahim (A) was a great prophet. He lived a long, long time ago in the land of Palestine. The Prophet Ibrahim (A) wanted all people to know about...

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