Long ago,in the times of the Pharaoh, there lived in Egypt a very very rich man,who later became the Pharoah’s financial advisor.His name was Qaroon. He was the richest man alive; no one could calculate his wealth and countless treasures.He was very miserly,
never contributing a single penny to charity.
Musa (A) warned Qaroon several times, but he would not listen.There were a 100 strong,muscular men who bore the weight of the keys alone,to Qaroon’s treasure rooms.
Musa (A) said to him,“You are wealthiest of the people,do not be conceited because of your riches.Allah has granted you this wealth,He doesnot like ungrateful people.”Qaroon paid no attention.Others who were obsessed with Qaroon’s wealth, and wanted the comforts ofthis life only said.“Ah,-how we wish that we had the wealth Qaroon has been given!” when he
passed in front of them in his splendour.But those who had been given knowledge said,“We pity you!the reward of Allah in the Hereafter is better for those who believe and do good deeds.” Musa (A) continued preaching to Qaroon. He said, “Try to build a house in the After life with the wealth that Allah has given you. Do not forget to be good to the poor as Allah is to you. And do not try to look for mischief and corruption with your
money. Allah does not like those who commit crime sand sins, the oppressors and the tyrants. Allah has destroyed many wealthy men before you.”
But Qaroon paid no attention and so,early one morning,when keys to Qaroon s treasure were being shifted, Musa (A) went to Qaroon and said, “Be warned that the criminals, disbelievers and the sinners will not be questioned of their sins because Allah knows them well already, so they will be punished without being called to account and will stand no chance of forgiveness.”Qaroon simply ignored him and continued his way, with the camels holding his treasure and the strong men carrying the keys to his treasure room. Allah grew angry and without any warning He caused the earth to open up and swallow him, with all his treasures and wealth,and he lay buried deep under the earth, helpless.
Seeing this whole incident, those who had desired for a position like his the day before began to say, “Now we realise that it is Allah who gives more to some people and less to others. Had itnot been that Allah was kind to us, He could have caused the earth to swallow us up too!” The whole nation turned over to Allah the Almighty.
Thus,the believers were saved once again from Allah'S  wrath and learned a lesson from what happened to Qaroon.

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