The Prophet Shuayb (A) and the Earthquake



A long, long time ago, there were two cities. They were called Madyan and Ayka. Madyan and Ayka were on the coast of the Red Sea. Many ships crossed the sea and came there. In the ships came foreign merchants. They brought beautiful things from other countries to sell in the market. The people of Madyan and Ayka bought the beautiful things. They loaded them on their camels. Then they travelled with their camels across the desert.

And they sold the beautiful foreign goods to people in other cities. The people of Madyan and Ayka were very clever traders. They had big shops in the markets.

The shops were always crowded. They had many camels to carry their goods to other places. They made lots of money. And they became very rich. Their riches made them proud. They forgot about Allah.

They started to cheat in their shops. They asked high prices for their goods. They even used wrong weights and wrong measures.
Allah did not like what they did. He sent the Prophet Shuayb (A) to them. The Prophet Shuayb (A) told them not to cheat.

He said: "Weigh things properly! Measure things properly! Give people what they pay for!" The leaders of the people laughed at the Prophet Shuayb (A).

They said: "We will do what we want. You are alone! You are weak! Why should we listen to you! Leave the city! And stop preaching or we will stone you! We don’t want you to give us any advice!" Prophet Shuayb said: "I do not want to argue with you, for that would mean my doing what I forbid you to do. I am trying only to reform you as far as I am able... In Him I have put my trust, and to Him I turn to say sorry for whatever I have done wrong."

Allah waited for the people to listen to the Prophet Shuayb (A). He waited for them to stop cheating. But they did not bother about what the Prophet Shuayb (A) said.

Then a terrible thing happened! Allah sent an earthquake. The earth trembled. The houses shook, the walls crumbled. Stones from the walls and ceilings fell on the sleeping people. They were crushed to death. Only the Prophet Shuayb (A) and good people were saved.

Allah dislikes cheating. He dislikes lying. He loves people who do not cheat and do not lie. He loves honest and truthful people.

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