The Light of Allah



The surah, or chapter 24 of the Quran is known as " The Light." This surah describes the true faith in the form of a story....

"Allah is the Light of heavens and earth..."

" His light may be compared to a nich that enshrines a lamp..."

"... the lamp within a crystal of star-like brilliance."

"It is kindled from a Blessed Tree... " Olive that is neither of the East nor of the West.. "Whose oil would almost shine forth, even before the fire touched it.

"Light upon light; Allah guides to His light whom He will."

"His light is found in shrines which Allah has had built so that His name may be remembered.

"In them, morning and evening, His praise is sung by men whom neither trade nor profit can divert from remembering Him... "The Light in this story denotes Allah's guidance, the niche the heart of a believer, the lamp sincerity of faith, and the glass and oil further strength of faith.

The story suggests that Allah has endowed every human heart with the capacity for true faith in its purest form. The moment the Truth is brought closer to the believer, he or she will not hesitate to accept it.

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