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Tiger powder
One day a man was sprinkling some powder on the ground around his-house.
"As salaam-u-Alaikum, what are you doing?" a neighbor asked. "I want to keep the tigers away” "But there are no tigers within hundreds of miles." "Effective, isn't it?" the man replied.

Hamza and Abdur Rahman
One day Hamza and Abdur-Rahman went for a job interview, the boss came out of his office and gave them a test Well, it took about two hours to finish the test. The boss picked up the tests and graded them When he had finished, he came back out of his office and said, "You both did very well and passed the test. In fact you scored the same grade." Then he told Hamza he got the job. All of a sudden Abdur- Rahman jumped up and said, "Well wait, if we both scored the same grade, then why does Hamza get the job?" Then the boss said,

"Well because of your answers, fur example, in question number 25, Hamza wrote, f I don't know/ and you wrote, "Me neither."

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