The Prophet Musa (A) Runs Away



Musa (A) was a great prophet of Allah. He was born in the land of Egypt. Allah looked after him from the day he was born. At that time a king called Firawn ruled Egypt.Firawn was a very cruel king. But his wife, the Queen was very kind. She found Musa (A) when he was a little baby.

She was walking in the garden by the river. She saw a chest in the water. In the chest there was a little boy. This little boy was Musa (A).

The Queen took him to the palace. She looked after Musa (A) and loved him very much.
Musa (A) grew up in the house of the Firawn. But he loved Allah and prayed to Him. He also knew that his real family belonged to the tribe of the Children of Israel.

One day Musa (A) was walking in the market. He saw two men fighting. One of them was an Egyptian. The other was one of the Children of Israel. Suddenly, the man who belonged to his own tribe called out: "Help me!" Musa (A) ran to help him. He hit the Egyptian and killed him.

Musa (A) was very upset. He was sorry that he had killed a man. He prayed to Allah: "Forgive me! I have killed a man. This is a terrible thing." And Allah forgave him. He is Forgiving and Merciful.

The next day, Musa (A) was again walking in the market. He again saw two men fighting. One of them was the same man whom he had defended the other day. The man again called on to Musa (A) "Help me!" Musa (A) was about to run and help him. Then the other man mocked him: "You killed a man yesterday. Are you going to kill me too?"
At this moment a friend ran to the Prophet Musa (A) He said: "Firawn’s soldiers are looking for you. You killed an Egyptian yesterday. Now they are going to arrest you. Run away from the city."
The Prophet Musa (A) ran away. He left the city Allah looked after him. And guided him to the land of Madyan. The Prophet Musa (A) left Egypt. He travelled for a long time. After many days, he reached the land of Madyan. He was tired and thirsty. So he looked for a well.
Soon he found a well. There were many men around the well. These were shepherds with their sheep and cattle. They were watering their animals before returning home.
A little distance from the well two girls were sitting. They also had sheep with them. But they did not go near the well. The Prophet Musa (A) asked the girls: "Why are you sitting far away from the well? Why are you not taking your sheep to drink water from the well?"

The girls said: "Our father is very old. He cannot come with us. There are no young men in our house to help us with our sheep. That is why we have to take the sheep to the well ourselves. But we have to wait our turn. We have to wait till the other shepherds go away."

The Prophet Musa (A) took pity on the two sisters. He led their sheep to the well and made them drink water. The girls were very happy. They took their sheep and went home.

When the sisters came home early, their father asked: "What happened? You came home very early!" The sisters said: “A young man helped us to water our sheep.

We did not have to wait till the other shepherds went away." The father said: “Go and call the young man, I would like to pay for the work he has done."

Musa (A) came to the house. He had food with the girls' father. And he began to stay with the family. He helped them in their work. Later on he married one of the sisters. But that is another story.

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