The Cruel King Drowns



The Prophet Musa (A) and his people lived in Egypt. But the king of Egypt was very cruel and mean to them. He did not believe in Allah. And he did not like people who prayed to Allah. So he troubled the Prophet Musa (A) and his people day and night. He told his ministers and soldiers: “Be rude to them!"

Musa (A) was a prophet. He loved Allah and Allah loved him too. Every time there was a problem, the Prophet Musa (A) asked Allah for help. And Allah told him what to do.

One day Allah said to the Prophet Musa (A). "Travel by night with My servants..." The prophet Musa (A) called his people and said: " pack your things and get ready. we are going away from Egypt. But nobody must know about it. And nobody should see us. We leave at night.

They left at night. There were many of them. And among them there were many women and children. The women and children walked very slowly and got tired very quickly.

That is why the caravan did not move very fast. In the morning they reached the shore of the sea. It was then that they saw some people following them. They were moving very fast! It was Firawn and his soldiers! They had camels and horses and soon they would catch up with them!

Allah came to their help. He said to Musa (A): "Strike the sea with your rod!" As soon as the rod touched the waves, a miracle happened! The waters parted! The waves hung in mid-air and did not fall down! The sandy bottom could be seen! Allah made a path for them across the sea!

Musa (A) and his people hurried between the  walls of water. Firawn and his soldiers were right behind. But as soon as Musa (A) and his people crossed the sea, the waves fell down. They fell down on Firawn and his soldiers! All of them drowned in the waves. None of them was saved. Allah is Mighty and Powerful. He helps those who love Him and pray to Him. He saves those who trust Him. 

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