The Iron Wall



A long time ago, there lived a king called Dhul Qarnayn. Allah gave him a very vast kingdom. He ruled his kingdom very well. People loved him and obeyed him.

Dhul Qarnayn hated injustice. He hated it when some people treated other people badly. All the time he travelled from one end of the kingdom to the other. He punished wicked people and rewarded the good ones.

After riding on his horse for many days, Dhul Qarnayn reached the mountains. The people of the mountains came to him.

They said: "The people of Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog) attack our land. They destroy our homes. Please protect us from them!"

Dhul Qarnayn said: "I will build a big iron wall to protect you from the Yajuj and Majuj."  The people of the  mountains knew how to make iron. They also knew how to melt other metals. And they could make all sorts of metal things.

Dhul Qarnayn said to them: "Bring blocks of iron. Put them one on top of another. Make a wall between two mountains."

Once the wall was in place, he said: "Heat the metals. Melt them into brass. Pour the liquid brass over the wall. Now let it set!"

The iron wall closed the gap between the mountains. The brass made it slippery like glass.
Nobody could climb over it. And nobody could dig through it. Thus Dhul Qarnayn made the mountain people safe. The people of Yajuj and Majuj, or Gog and Magog, never troubled them again.

After conquering a major part of the then inhabited world, Dhul Qarnayn had lost none of his humility. He gave the entire credit for his feats to the blessing of Allah. Of the iron wall he had built, he said: This is a blessing from my Lord. But when my Lord’s promise has been fulfilled, He will level it to dust. And the promise of my Lord is true."

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